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Databreeze API Server

The Databreeze database API server responds to ajax requests from the Databreeze application server server or web client via fetch ajax calls. This API Server allows account creation, login and account management using json web tokens (JWT). It allows read and write access to a mongodb server and enforces owner-edit. The system handles image uploads including the creation of multiple resized images before uploading the images to Amazon S3.

The server utilizes nodeJS and expressJS to handle web requests/responses and mongoose to query the mongodb database server.

Github modules used:

  • bcrypt to hash passwords
  • cluster to add scaleability
  • cookie-parser to receive JWT cookie
  • express server
  • jsonwebtoken to validate user
  • mongoose to access mongoDB
  • multer to handle uploaded files and form data
  • nodemailer to send password reset emails that allow users to reset their passwords
  • S3-uploader to resize images and upload them to S3

Important Files


  • The main entry point for the API server. Utilizes node express, cluster, multer and cookie parser. Sets up routing for User Authentication calls as well as data source calls loads and calls lib/fbDB.js.


  • The library files contain all of the database structure and calls. File upload to S3 is handled here as well as user Authentication and emails.


In order to operate the Databreeze application server, this API server is required. This repo will need to be downloaded and installed and then the system needs to be configured. By default the application attempts to run the express server on port 3011. You may wish to use nginx or apache to proxy pass http or https calls to this node/express API server.

download and install the source

  • git clone

  • cd dbzApi

  • npm install

Create and edit the configuration files (required):


Joe Junkin


Databreeze API server handles client ajax requests and responds with data from a mongodb database





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