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DataFire is an open source framework for building and integrating APIs. It provides over 1000 integrations, including:

AWS • Azure • MongoDB • Slack • GitHub • Twilio • Trello • Square • Google Sheets • Gmail • Heroku

Each integration provides a set of composable actions. New actions can be built by combining existing actions, JavaScript, and external libraries. They are driven by JavaScript Promises, and can be triggered by a URL, on a schedule, or manually.

Want more? provides a simple interface for building, managing, and hosting DataFire projects.

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Be sure to install DataFire both globally and as a project dependency.

npm install -g datafire
npm install --save datafire


The full documentation is available at

Sample Projects

Create an API backed by Google Sheets Repo Run on
E-mail yourself news headlines Repo Run on
Backend for a "Contact Us" form Repo Run on
Sync GitHub issues to a Trello board Repo Run on
Create a Spotify playlist from r/listentothis Repo Run on


Contributions are welcome!

Getting Started

git clone && cd DataFire
npm install

Tests are run with npm test and require ports 3333-3336 to be open.