The World, according to Donald Trump
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The World, according to Donald Trump. Each country's size is approximately proportional to the number of times that it was mentioned in Trump's tweets and campaign speeches.

Final Output

Output Map Image


Inspired by this tweet:

There isn't much to this project, just plugging a few existing tools together.

The identification of place names is performed using the spacy python library, so any issues in this area aren't my problem :P. I used spacy to output a list of GPEs and NORPs (Geo-Political Entities, Nationalities Or Religious/Political Groups). The script then resolves "synonyms", and generates a column of quantities, corresponding to the countries in the geographical data.

Note: Mentions of individual US states are not included in the US total. Otherwise it would probably be way too big...


The corpus for this project was obtained from multiple sources (I might add more):


I obtained the map data from I generated the final map using the ScapeToad tool.