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Summarize Me

Program summarizes articles into a few sentences. Inspired by the auto TL;DR bot used for many subreddits

Check it out at

How does it work

Using NLTK

  • Remove words with no value from the article (e.g. 'a', 'to', 'am')
  • Create frequency table of words
  • Assign value to each sentence depending on the words it contains and the frequency table
  • Build summary depending on the value of all sentences and the outstanding ones

Frameworks and Libraries

Flask - Python micro-framework for web development

Angular - Framework for mobile and web applications

Skeleton - CSS Boilerplate

Font Awesome - CSS Toolkit + Icons

virtualenv - Create isolated Python environments

nltk - Natural Language Toolkit

Deployment and Hosting info

RESTful API hosted in AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Click on URL to check features

Angular application hosted in GitHub Pages using angular-cli-ghpages

To test (not needed anymore)

Using npm and json-server:

npm install -g json-server
cd client/
json-server --watch db.json

the json server should initialize to http://localhost:3000/, then

npm start

it should redirect you to http://localhost:3001/

To use the RESTful api and get accurate results, set up virtualenv and Flask using pip or your preferred library manager...

cd server
sudo pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate         * for OS X or Linux *
venv\Scripts\activate       * for Windows *
sudo pip install Flask

To deactivate the virtualenv, just type...


For reference:

Check Traversy Media's video: Angular 2 in 60 Minutes

Angular's QuickStart

TL;DR bot made by SMMRY

If interested in understanding how it works, feel free to read my article at


Program summarizes news articles into a couple of sentences. This project was inspired by SMMRY, the algorithm used in many subreddits to automate TL;DRs




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