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Welcome to the CarboLifeCalc wiki!

Here you will find all the help documents guides and further resources related to the Carbo Life Calculator. These pages are in a continuous work in progress, any feedback or questions please contact me and I will update these documents.

The full wiki is also available as a formatted pdf document:

The Wiki currently has the following sections:

00. Introduction
What is Carbo Life Calculator, what can it do for you
01. Installation
Know how to setup your software
02. Quick Overview (Standalone)
A quick overview of what the stand-alone calculator can do, and how it works.
03. Quick Overview (Revit)
A quick overview on how the Revit Add-in works, and how you can process your Revit model into the Carbo Life Calculator.
04. Modifying the Template
This will teach you how you can edit and update your material template; the material database you will you for each calculation you start.
05. The Calculation
If you want to know more on how the embodied carbon calculation is done, please read this sections for a better understanding of its working, and explanation of the results.