Sample AIR Navie Extension codes project for Mobage Native SDK
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Please notice that this release is a sample for Mobage AIR SDK (JP & KR). The functions have been smoked tested but not guaranteed. Please fix any issue you encountered with the attached source code.

Setup Instructions


  • Please refer to docs/ANEForMobageNativeSDKProgrammingGuide.pdf
  • For development please see README-dev


  • Please refer to docs/ANEForMobageNativeSDKProgrammingGuide.pdf
  • For development please see README-dev

REST APIs specification:

Known Issues

  • Exporting apk file from FlashBuilder will automatically add "air." to the package name which will cause issues with remote notification. It will not affect apk’s through our Production submission since developer site will fix this automatically. See Programing Guide section "How to setup correct Android package name when exporting for release build?" for more details.

  • Under a specific condition on Android 3.x, an issue is found where the screen orientation of the Mobage login view is not handled correctly. This issue is observed on Galaxy TAB 7.0 / 10.1 with Android 3.2.

  • On some Optimus devices, an issue is found where the new user registration web view does not close upon registration success. Pressing the back key dismisses the web view and player can continue with the game normally. This issue is observed on Optimus PAD Android 3.0.1


2014-01-16 (version v1.4.6-jp-0)

  • Initial release for Mobage SDK 1.4.6

2014-03-11 (version v1.4.6-jp-1)

  • Added default platform target for AIR simulator. And fixed other minor issues.

2014-03-38 (version v1.4.6-jp-2)

  • Changed android jar dependencies to AIR platform dependencies.

2014-04-17 (version v1.4.6-jp-3)

  • Fixed Android PushNotification not passed to AIR layer when receiving extras.
  • Added state on RemoteNotificationPayload for AIR to confirm from where the notification was received.

2014-08-06 (version v1.4.6-jp-4)

  • Added as default to add Google Play Games Services Library. See README-dev for more details.

2014-08-13 (version v1.4.6-jp-5)

  • Added call on lifecycle event after Mobage.initialize() on Native Layer (Android).

2014-08-13 (version v1.4.7-jp)

  • Changed support Mobage Native SDK version 1.4.7.
  • Supported 64bit iOS architecture.


Android: Minimum OS Version: 2.2

Only hardware device is supported
	(Android emulator is not supported)

iOS: iOS 5.1.1 or later (iOS Simulator with iOS 6.0 or later is partially supported)

Smartphone simulator (Flash Builder built-in): Not supported

Mobage Native SDK: *Only 1.4.7 or later

See README-dev for development.