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---------- Work stalled for now ----------

@YukihoAA has push rights in case anything important comes up, if he finds the time that is.

waifu2x (converter only version)

This is a reimplementation of waifu2x (original) converter function, in C++, using OpenCV. This is also a reimplementation of waifu2x python version by Hector Martin. You can use this as command-line tool of image noise reduction or/and scaling.

This software was originally made by @WL-Amigo and has been improved a lot over the years, see for more info on that.

Obtain it here:

Supported platforms

  • Linux
  • LInux (ARM)
  • Windows 7+
  • MacOS?
    • This is not officially supported but see here for more information: #20

Build dependencies

How to build

See for more information.

How to Train Own Model

waifu2x-conveter only supports vgg models. See nagadomi/waifu2x for more information.


Usage of this program can be seen by executing waifu2x-converter-cpp --help If you are on Windows and prefer GUIs, see here.


I'd appreciate any help on this project, I do not want yet another fork... so if you have improvement ideas or find bugs, please make a pull request or open an issue :)!

A big thanks to these people helping me maintain this fork: