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Plugins for Koikatsu
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KK_CutsceneLockupFix Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_EyeShaking Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_ForceHighPoly Misc changes Jan 21, 2019
KK_FreeHRandom Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_GUIDMigration Update migration info Mar 21, 2019
KK_HCharaAdjustment Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_HairAccessoryFix Color match off by default Mar 14, 2019
KK_InputHotkeyBlock Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_InvisibleBody Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_MiscFixes Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_PersonalityCorrector Remove logging message Feb 20, 2019
KK_RandomCharacterGenerator Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_ReloadCharaListOnChange Fix references Mar 14, 2019
KK_StudioSceneLoadedSound Fix references Mar 14, 2019
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Plugins for Koikatsu


  1. Install BepInEx and BepisPlugins
  2. Extract the plugin .zip file to your Koikatu folder

KK_CharaMakerLoadedSound v1.0 - Download

Plays a sound when the Chara Maker finishes loading. Useful if you spend the load time alt-tabbed.

KK_StudioSceneLoadedSound v1.0 - Download

Plays a sound when a Studio scene finishes loading or importing. Useful if you spend the load time for large scenes alt-tabbed.

KK_GUIDMigration v1.3.2 - Download

Migrates information on your character cards in cases where a mod's GUID or IDs changed so you don't have to manually reselect everything. Will not attempt migration if you have the old mod but not the new.

Also attempts to fix cards saved with a blank GUID (Missing Mod []) by stripping the GUID and forcing sideloader to treat it as a hard mod. May not work 100%, so check your cards.

Change Log v1.1 Added character name for blank GUID messages
v1.2 Fixed hard coded path
v1.3 Added support for stripping extended data, fix errors resulting from missing .csv
Configuration Comes preconfigured with a whole bunch of migration info. Unless I stopped maintaining it you shouldn't need to mess with this stuff.
KK_GUIDMigration.csv is a comma separated file in the form Category,Old GUID,Old ID,New GUID,New ID.
Category is the internal one used by sideloader, not the numeric category.
When the category is * only GUID migration will be attempted and whatever you put for Old/New ID will be ignored. Use only in cases where a GUID changed and the IDs stay the same.
When the category is - the extended data will be stripped and will be treated as a hard mod

KK_CutsceneLockupFix v1.0 - Download

Adds some extra error handling to the game so certain hair mods wont lock up the whole game when they appear in a cutscene.

KK_ReloadCharaListOnChange v1.4.1 - Download

Reloads the list of characters and coordinates in the character maker when any card is added or removed from the folders. Supports adding and removing large numbers of cards at once.

Change Log v1.1 Fixed new coordinates saved from within the game not being handled correctly
v1.2 Fixed error when exiting the chara maker
v1.3 Updated for plugin compatibility
v1.4 Studio support
v1.4.1 Compatibility with BepisPlugins versions higher than r8

KK_InvisibleBody v1.1 - Download

Select characters in the Studio workspace and press numpad+ (configurable) to toggle them between invisible and visible. Any worn clothes or accessories and any attached studio items will remain visible. Invisible state saves and loads with the scene. Can also be used to make girls invisible in H scenes but cannot be disabled except by exiting the scene.

Change Log v1.1 Fixed studio items becoming visible when they were toggled off in the workspace

KK_InputHotkeyBlock v1.1 - Download

Blocks mod hotkeys from triggering while typing in input fields. Based on kisama.dll by Essu.

Change Log v1.1 Blocks hotkeys in studio coordinate fields

KK_PersonalityCorrector v1.3.1 - Download

Replaces any cards with the modded story character personalities with the default "Pure" personality when attempting to added them to the class to prevent the game from breaking. Also defaults to "Pure" for characters using paid DLC personalities if you don't have the paid DLC installed.

Change Log v1.1 Updated to support missing DLC personalities
v1.2 Updated for 1221 DLC personalities
v1.3 Now corrects personalities when using the random button
v1.3.1 Removed log messages. Oops.

KK_UncensorSelector v3.4 - Download

3.0 update note: Uncensors from previous versions are not compatible, download new versions here.

Allows you to specify which uncensors individual characters use and removes the mosaic censor. Select an uncensor for your character in the character maker in the Body/General tab or specify a default uncensor to use in the plugin settings. The default uncensor will apply to any character that does not have one selected.

Requires Marco's KKAPI and BepisPlugins ConfigurationManager, ExtensibleSaveFormat, and Sideloader.

UncensorSelector compatible uncensors can be found here. For makers of uncensors, see the template for how to configure your uncensor for UncensorSelector compatibility.

Make sure to remove any sideloader uncensors and replace your oo_base with a clean, unmodified one to prevent incompatibilities!

Change Log v2.0 Complete rewrite, now supports changing uncensors inside the character maker, configuring uncensor metadata in manifest.xml, demosaic, etc.
v2.1 Reduce reliance on KK_UncensorSelector Base.zipmod
v2.2 Removed the ability to specify _low assets. A matching _low asset is expected to exist for everything that requires one.
v2.3 Added some warning labels
v2.4 Fixed demosaic not working sometimes
v2.5 ConfigManager dropdown for GUID selection, fixed color matching bug in chara maker
v2.6 Uncensors now change much more quickly without causing lag in the character maker. Random can be selected as an option for the default uncensor, any character with no uncensor selected will use a random one (Thanks @ManlyMarco). Uncensors can be exluded from random selection with a modification to the manifest.xml.
v2.6.1 Fix for the new uncensor loading code breaking in low poly
v2.7 Names in ConfigManager instead of GUIDs, uncensor lists are ordered (Thanks @ManlyMarco), slightly faster uncensor switching
v3.0 All uncensors load correctly in the character maker, default uncensors display in character maker, body parts can be selected independently from the body, new format for uncensors, new bugs
v3.1 Fixed uncensors not loading in the character maker accessed through the class menu, fixed some low poly uncensors not display correctly for the main character, fixed low poly uncensors not working at all for female characters
v3.2 Random uncensors are now more evenly distributed, gender bender config option simplified, fixed a problem with clothes that have the same mesh name as body part meshes causing problems
v3.3 Fix wrong normals after loading a character sometimes, fix default values when loading a character in to the character maker from class menu, fix balls dropdown not reloading the uncensor on change
v3.4 Fix liquid textures being removed on changing characters

KK_Subtitles v1.2 - Download

Subtitles for H scenes and spoken text in dialogues

Change Log v1.1 Fixed H subs not working for some people
v1.2 Subtitles for idle lines in dialogue

KK_AnimationController v1.2 - Download

Allows attaching IK nodes to objects to create custom animations. Press the Minus (-) hotkey to bring up the menu. This hotkey can be configured in the F1 plugin settings.

Inspired by AttachAnimationLib by Keitaro

Change Log v1.1 Gimmicks can now rotate hands and feet properly
v1.2 Rotating characters doesn't break everything anymore

KK_ClothingUnlocker v1.0 - Download

Allows gender restricted clothing to be used on all characters.

KK_EyeShaking v1.0 - Download

Virgins in H scenes will appear to have slightly shaking eye highlights.

Requires Marco's KKAPI

KK_MiscFixes v1.1 - Download

Miscellaneous fixes aimed at improving the performance of the game.

  • Improves load time of the list of characters in Free H
  • Improves load time when opening the class roster menu
Change Log v1.1 Now uses full path instead of file name for compatibility with Marco's KK_BrowserFolders

KK_RandomCharacterGenerator v1.0 - Download

Generates random characters in the character maker.

Requires Marco's KKAPI

Experimental plugins

Experimental or unfinished plugins. No support will be given and most likely no fixes will be made. Feel free to report bugs that aren't already listed but don't expect a fix. Anyone who wants to improve these plugins is welcome to do so, all the source code is available.

KK_ForceHighPoly v1.1 - Download

Forces all characters to load in high poly mode, even in the school exploration mode.

Known issues: Hair physics doesn't work. Hi poly textures are loaded but probably downscaled to low poly resolutions anyway.

Change Log v1.1 Fixed locking up the game after special H scenes. Added config option to disable high poly mode.

KK_Colliders v1.0 - Download

Adds floor, breast, hand, and skirt colliders. Ported from Patchwork.

Requires Marco's KKAPI

KK_HairAccessoryFix v1.0.2 - Download

Applies hair gloss to hair accessories and matches hair color/outline color. Only works with objects using a ChaCustomHairComponent MonoBehavior. Not all hair accessories use one. Press F5 in the character maker to update newly added hair accessories.

Requires Marco's KKAPI

Known issues: If front/side/back hair colors are different they all get their colors overriden as well as the accessories. Applies to all characters and hair accessories whether you like it or not. Accessory color doesn't save and is entirely cosmetic. Use Keelhauled's CharaEditTool to actually update the colors.

Change Log v1.0.1 Fixed configs, changed hotkey, made it configurable.
v1.0.2 Color matching off by default

KK_FreeHRandom v1.0 - Download

Press F5 at Free H selection screen to get random characters for your H session.


Type a value in to a gimmick's speed text box to use speeds higher than normally allowed.

KK_HCharaAdjustment v1.0 - Download

Adjust the position of the female character in H scene by pressing some hotkeys, listed here.

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