@ManlyMarco ManlyMarco released this Oct 7, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release

Assets 3



  • Added more usage information to the readme
  • Moved loading of gachi clips to BGMLoader
  • Fixed 0harmony.dll copying to bin


  • Added solid backgrounds to setting window, combo boxes, tooltips and open settings button
  • Added ability to type values in next to the setting sliders
  • Added scanning for ConfigWrappers in public fields (before only properties were scanned)
  • Added scrolling to ComboBox drop-down lists if they don't fit in the window
  • Added ability to custom-draw setting fields
  • Added ability to provide custom enum names
  • Changed "Default" buttons to "Reset" to match in-game naming
  • Format enum values in ComboBox from PascalCase to Proper Case
  • Fixed ComboBox drop-down list being drawn under controls
  • Fixed properties with private setters and with reference types being displayed by default
  • Fixed tooltips going off-screen
  • Fixed tooltips showing over opened comboboxes


  • Fire OnLevelWasLoaded on actual level load in IPALoader


  • Added black outline to message text
  • Changed message text font to be easier to read


  • Clarified naming in screenshot settings and improved descriptions
  • Raised default carddownscalerate to 3
  • Fixed UI screenshot not showing the log message with screenshot path
  • Fixed carddownscalerate being 1 by default anyways



  • Added saving of Clothing Patterns, Emblems, and Eye Gradients
  • Fixed not saving everything in the Face Makeup category
  • Fixed loading cards made with hard mods with sideloader mods, all accessories load correctly ("alt-loading" is now on by default whenever needed)
  • Fixed sideloader mods locking up the game in cutscenes when put on story characters
  • Fixed sideloader mods not loading correctly in cutscenes
  • Fixed .png files in sideloader mods not working unless they are in a folder that matches an existing .unity3d file

Performance and error handling

  • Added detection and handling of multiple mods with same GUID - only newest is loaded
  • Stream contents of sideloader mods from disk instead of loading from memory - big reduction of RAM usage
  • Big improvements to character maker and individual character card loading times
  • Improved error handling and added more specific error messages to sideloader mod loading
  • Item resolving for coordinates no longer happens when starting the chara maker
  • Item resolving for characters and coordinates no longer happens for the character/coordinate lists in studio


  • Unlocked text fields in chara maker to allow more than 3 characters/digits (You now type in -123, 123456, etc.)

@bbepis bbepis released this Aug 11, 2018 · 95 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Changes in r5.1

  • Added option for DTL to paste text to clipboard
  • Added support for .zipmod file extension in Sideloader
  • Added support for editing all setting types to Configuration Manager
  • Improved names and descriptions of ScreenshotManager settings
  • Default downscalerate and carddownscalerate changed from 1 to 2
  • Fixed ColorCorrector overriding studio settings
  • Fixed Sideloader loading *.zip* files on some systems (now only loads *.zip and *.zipmod)

Requires BepInEx v4.1

Screenshot Manager (thanks essu)

  • Utilizes GPU for performance gains
  • Add toggle for capturing alpha (for situations outside the character maker)
  • Remove message for screenshot saved for F9 screenshot
  • More bug fixes

Configuration Manager (thanks Marc0)

  • Config menu is now where plugin settings are stored (press F1)
  • This means some things don't have the same key bindings anymore (such as filter tweaker)

Dynamic Translation Loader

  • Upgraded to v2 translation format
    • Text translation files are now moved to /translations/text
    • Comments now use // instead of ;
  • Support for regex, program and scene filtering, overflow and text wrapping settings
  • In-memory image replacement/translation
  • Copies text to clipboard for usage with external translators


  • Adds coordinate file resolving
  • Adds capability to "force" loading cards with hardmods, when you have the equivalent softmod installed, by holding down Alt when clicking load on the card
    • Only works under certain circumstances, the softmod and hardmod need to have the same IDs, and be outside of vanilla ID range
    • This can also cause problems when two softmods share the same IDs, so as a last resort if it's not resolving properly, only have the softmods that you want to convert to enabled
  • Now scans all subfolders in /mods for easy sorting
  • Add check for softmods being outdated instead of assuming missing
  • Fix for some .unity3d files with non-standard CAB strings not being able to be used
  • Major and aggressive optimizations

BGM Loader

  • Loads music from BepInEx/bgm
  • Filenames are BGMXX.ogg, where XX is the corresponding track number
  • Only supports .ogg format for now

Message Center

  • Text overlay for important messages has been split from developer console, so you can delete the other plugin if you have no use for it
  • UI tweaks

Resource Redirector

  • Now supports intercepting sound files that do not use the correct data type specifier

Extensible Save Format

  • Can now write and load data to and from scene and coordinate files

BGM filename notation: (names taken from the game files)

BGM00 = Title
BGM01 = MapMoveDay
BGM02 = MapMoveEve
BGM03 = Custom
BGM04 = Communication
BGM05 = Encounter
BGM06 = Lover
BGM07 = Anger
BGM08 = HSceneGentle
BGM09 = HScene
BGM10 = HScenePeep
BGM11 = Sad
BGM12 = Reminiscence
BGM13 = Date
BGM14 = MorningMenu
BGM15 = NightMenu
BGM16 = SystemMenu
BGM17 = StaffRoom
BGM18 = Daytime
BGM19 = Evening
BGM20 = Memories
BGM21 = StaffRoom_01
BGM22 = NightMenu_01
BGM23 = Cool
BGM24 = Lively
BGM25 = Park
BGM26 = Caffe
BGM27 = Config

@bbepis bbepis released this May 13, 2018 · 262 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


Download r4.1, it contains fixes for IPALoader not working and Sideloader causing issues with saving multiple times in a row.

Extended Save Data

  • Now uses the vanilla save structure to be compatible with vanilla games
    -- Still compatible with existing extended save cards, just resave them to update to the new save structure


  • Can now edit wideslider limits in config

Asset Emulator / Sideloader

  • Can now specify clamp and repeated textures when using pure .png files for textures
    -- Specify what to use by having "clamp" or "repeat" in the file name


  • Add autoresolving for clothes and makeup
    -- Only accessories haven't been implemented yet
  • Autoresolver now has attempted compatibility with cards using hard-mods (both saving and loading)
    -- Will attempt to be compatible with vanilla games when saving cards with sideloader mods to their hard-mod equivalent, and can load cards made with a hard-mod version
  • Fix for autoresolver not resolving multiple mods with the same category properly (thanks Ahrimhan)
  • Fix for sideloader when multiple mods use the same unity3d files
  • Fix for sideloader not working when using case-sensitive paths

IPA Loader

  • Now gives a warning if IPA has been detected to be installed, as it causes problems with the loader

Screenshot Manager

  • Misc fixes (thanks Essu)

@bbepis bbepis released this Apr 29, 2018 · 296 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Fix save file corruption issues with extended save data
  • Update translations to current cutting edge version
  • Made the translation loader more compatible with the machine translation loader

@bbepis bbepis released this Apr 19, 2018 · 301 commits to master since this release

Assets 3



  • Zip mod loader and Universal auto ID resolver

  • Post-processing tweaker

    • Bloom has been changed to a slider instead of a checkbox, if you feel the need to fiddle with that
  • Screenshot Manager: (thanks essu)

    • Card face downsampling, accessable via Shift-F11
    • Legacy renderer removed in favour of AlphaShot2
    • Many alphashot fixes
  • Translation Loader:

    • Now loads all text files in the directory, instead of the single translation.txt
    • Hot reload translations with F10 (mainly to be used by people who wish to develop translations, is known to break things so don't press it if you're not doing that)
    • Dumping translation text now changed to Shift-F10

@bbepis bbepis released this Mar 8, 2018 · 353 commits to master since this release

Assets 5


  • General
    • No more slowdowns when pressing escape/closing the game
  • Translation loader
    • Translations updated to now include (most of) the database text, and some other small fixes
  • IPA Plugin loader
    • You can now load IPA-based plugins for koikatsu through this framework (place them in BepInEx/IPA)
  • Screenshot manager
    • AlphaShot2 has been implemented (thanks essu), now has the capability of capturing outlines in screenshots. Experimental, so be wary of bugs. Can use up to double the memory that the legacy renderer uses.
    • Memory leaks are fixed as much as possible when taking screenshots (although not as much as I'd like, it's not something I can completely fix within Unity)

If you are not a developer, download the Release zip.
This gets extracted directly into the BepInEx folder, i.e. the file path should look like BepInEx/plugin.dll

EDIT 24/03/2018
Trial v3 broke widesliders and added a vanilla screenshot tool, which were conflicting with the plugins. v1.1 is a hotfix which should fix this.

v1.1 changelog:

  • Screenshot manager
    • Disabled illusion's F11 screenshot feature in favour of the plugin
    • Fix alphashot2 not rendering some things (translucent objects, liquids)
  • Wideslider
    • Can now load/save cards that use wideslider (thanks essu)