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Own War

Vehicular combat building game

In Own War you create vehicles from basic blocks and drive them into battle against other players.

The game is libre software: the AGPLv3 license permits you to do whatever you want with the source code provided you grant the same permissions to other people.

It is recommended to read to get started.


  • You can create any vehicle using basic blocks. There are quite a few blocks to give your creations detail as well as functional blocks such as wheels, weapons, ...

  • The damage system is voxel-based: vehicles are torn down block-by-block.

  • The game supports multiplayer. You can join any server and host your own too.

  • Since the game is entirely free (as in freedom) you can modify it to any extent. In fact, I highly encourage people to tinker with it and experiment with what works & doesn't work.

Building the game.

There are 3 major tools & libraries needed:

The instructions provided below should work for any platform but have only been tested for Linux so far.

Building on Linux

  1. Get the source code for Godot & the Rapier module. Follow the instructions in the README of godot_rapier3d to build the engine.

  2. Apply the patches in patch/godot to the Godot source.

  3. Use the Makefile in this repository to build the game.


You can find stable releases here

Start menu with the Skunk

Editor with a tank

Test map with bomber

The Pit with a 4 legged chicken

Flying cars because why not?