Easy file sharing with server-side encryption, curl/httpie/wget compliant
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Goploader's ultimate goal is to make file sharing easy and painless. This project is composed of a server and a client, both written in Go. The main things to remember about the project are :

  • Sharing stuff from your terminal should be easy
  • Sharing stuff without a terminal should be easy
  • Privacy matters

Build from source

Make sure you have Go installed on your machine.


$ go get github.com/Depado/goploader/client
$ go build -o $GOPATH/bin/goploader github.com/Depado/goploader/client


$ # Move to a new directory that will be used to run the server
$ go get github.com/Depado/goploader/server
$ # The following steps are optional
$ # Execute those if you wish to embed the assets and templates into the binary
$ go get github.com/GeertJohan/go.rice/rice
$ rice embed-go -i=github.com/Depado/goploader/server
$ # End of the optional steps
$ go build github.com/Depado/goploader/server
$ # If you did not embed the resources, make sure to copy the assets and templates directories
$ cp -r $GOPATH/src/github.com/Depado/goploader/server/{assets,templates} .
$ # Execute the binary a first time to trigger the setup
$ # Or write your own conf.yml file
$ ./server


All the downloads are available at gpldr.in in the clients and server sections.


Linux FreeBSD Mac OS Windows
Linux 64bit FreeBSD 64bit Mac OS 64bit Windows 64bit
Linux 32bit FreeBSD 32bit Mac OS 32bit Windows 32bit
Linux ARMv7


All the documentation is available at gpldr.in. I intend to write a proper README.md file, but it takes a lot of work to transpose the existing documentation to the markdown format. So, work in progress.


All the software in this repository is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.