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Supported Browsers

Ben Hollis edited this page Dec 30, 2019 · 1 revision

The maintainers of DIM can't test on every browser, especially old versions or niche browsers - as such, we've set up a policy of which browsers we do support. DIM will show a red warning if you are not using this browser, and we won't fix any issues that occur on unsupported browsers.

Supported browsers are:

  • Mobile Safari for iOS 11 and newer.
  • The latest two released versions of Chrome or Firefox, including mobile versions.
  • The latest two released versions of Safari for macOS.
  • The latest two released versions of MS Edge for Windows, and all Edge Chromium versions.
  • The latest two released versions of Opera for Desktop.
  • Firefox ESR

To see all supported browser versions (including what "latest two released versions" means), visit this link.

Unreleased versions of browsers won't show the deprecation warning (for example, Chrome Canary), but they are not supported officially until they're released. Often these browsers have bugs that are fixed before they get released, so we won't spend time chasing them down - if you see a bug in these browsers, please report it to the browser vendor, not us.

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