Upload/Publish Chrome Web Store extensions from the CLI
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Web Store Upload CLI

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A CLI wrapper around the Web Store Upload module.

The following projects use this package to facilitate auto-deployment of extensions

Minimum node.js version

You must be using a node.js version >= 6.0.0.


## Globally
npm install -g chrome-webstore-upload-cli

## In a project
npm install --save-dev chrome-webstore-upload-cli


You will need a Google API clientId, a clientSecret and a refreshToken. Read the guide.


$ webstore --help

  CLI Utility to quickly upload + publish extensions to the Chrome Web Store

    $ webstore <command>

  where <command> is one of
      upload, publish

    --source          Path to either a zip file, or a directory to be zipped (Defaults to cwd if not specified)
    --extension-id      The ID of the Chrome Extension
    --client-id         OAuth2 Client ID
    --client-secret     OAuth2 Client Secret
    --refresh-token     OAuth2 Refresh Token
    --auto-publish      Can be used with the "upload" command
    --trusted-testers   Can be used with the "publish" command

    Upload new extension archive to the Chrome Web Store
    $ webstore upload --source extension.zip --extension-id $EXTENSION_ID --client-id $CLIENT_ID --client-secret $CLIENT_SECRET --refresh-token $REFRESH_TOKEN

    Publish extension (with CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, and REFRESH_TOKEN set as env variables)
    $ webstore publish --extension-id elomekmlfonmdhmpmdfldcjgdoacjcba