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EOSIO v1.6.0 Release Notes

@wanderingbort wanderingbort released this
· 10541 commits to master since this release
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This release comprises several additional features and fixes, in addition to the cumulative patches made against v1.5.

A blog post providing more information can be found here.

Important Notices

Synchronizing Sub-Module Changes

As part of this release, some of the URLs have changed for the submodules this git repository depends on. Users who are fetching updates into a pre-existing clone of the repository are strongly encouraged to execute git submodule sync to ensure that their workflow is not interrupted.

Users who clone a fresh copy of the repository do not need to perform this additional step.

Deprecation and Removal Notices



(#6612) Restricting Processing Time for Scheduled Transactions

The patches will introduce a new configuration parameter max-scheduled-transaction-time-per-block-ms which defaults to 100 which determines the maximum wall-clock time a node will spend retiring scheduled transactions before processing user-signed transactions.

For more information about the motivation for this change refer to this blog post about CVE-2019-6199.

Various Performance Improvements

Several of the PRs in this release contribute to the overall goal of increasing the efficiency of the peer-to-peer networking layer and real-time transaction throughput. Internal benchmarks show considerable increases in token-transfers-per-second as a result. While this does not represent real-world usage, it does suggest that there will be noticeable improvements to transactions per second, reductions in the billable CPU time for transactions, and lower latency for block propagation.

(#6496) NOTICE: State History Plugin Fix

This was included in Release v1.5.2 however, that release's proximity to this release candidate warrants re-mentioning the following:

Serialization for permission_object failed when both it and its parent were deleted. This happened in block 31700785 of the mainnet.

If you are running the state history plugin AND has proceeded past a block with this condition, then you'll need to restore from a snapshot made prior to that block to continue.

Other Changes

  • (#6372) Net plugin cleanup
  • (#6370) Fix requires in spec file to resolve dependency resolution issues with rpms
  • (#6397) net_plugin reduce signed_block copies
  • (#6398) Update buildkite pipeline to use new queues
  • (#6400) Add community plugin links
  • (#6401) Stop the unix_server from listening in shutdown stage as well.
  • (#6436) Use 64-bit float printing of 128-bit floats on non x86_64
  • (#6435) remove x86_64 arch dep specification on AMI2 build script
  • (#6459) Allow disablement of net_plugin's listen socket
  • (#6430) add a test that reduces the size of the producer set
  • (#6426) Reflect Validation Script
  • (#6470) Update the script and
  • (#6485) Spelling correction
  • (#6419) Update LICENSE path
  • (#6498) Fix cluster writes for mongo DB
  • (#6500) Fix return codes of build scripts so that buildkite can fail properly
  • (#6490) Return 400 on get_block with nonexist block number
  • (#6499) mongo_db_plugin action_trace indexes
  • (#6471) Optimize transaction signature recovery
  • (#6501) optimization when writing shared_blob data
  • (#6494) packed_transaction enhancement
  • (#6549) Consolidated Security Fixes for 1.6.0-rc2
  • (#6555) update developer portal link
  • (#6596) Use https url for wabt submodule
  • (#6612) Build WABT with support for C++ exceptions.
  • (#6600) Add libtinfo5 dependency to deb package.


Special thanks to the community contributors that submitted patches for this release:

Special thanks to PeckShield for their work related to CVE-2019-6199