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@blockone-devops blockone-devops released this Sep 24, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

This release contains security, stability, and miscellaneous fixes.

Security bug fixes

Consolidated Security Fixes for 1.8.4 (#7980)

  • WebAssembly checktime fixes

Note: These security fixes are relevant to all nodes on EOSIO blockchain networks.

Stability bug fixes

  • (#7925) Fix intermittent crash on exit when port already in use - 1.8
  • (#7941) Net plugin sync - 1.8
  • (#7949) net_plugin correctly handle unknown_block_exception - 1.8
  • (#7965) Net plugin unexpected block - 1.8

Other Changes

  • (#7882) Create Release Build Test
  • (#7902) Add Support for eosio-test-stability Pipeline
  • (#7907) [1.8.x] Add Trigger for LRTs and Multiversion Tests Post PR
  • (#7917) [1.8.x] Forked PR fix
  • (#7913) [1.8.x] Updated anka plugin, added failover for registries, and added sleep fix for git clone/networking bug
  • (#7928) Fix Release Build Type for macOS on Travis CI
  • (#7936) [1.8.x] Support all BK/Travis cases in Submodule Regression Script
  • (#7944) Forked chain test error statement - 1.8
  • (#7934) Refactor producer plugin start_block - 1.8
  • (#7959) [1.8.x] Fix Mac builds on Travis

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