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EPPlus wiki


Worksheet & Ranges


Import/Export data

Formulas and filters

Charts & Drawing objects

Tables & Pivot Tables

VBA & Protection

Branching strategy and CI


License FAQ

Using our develop nuget feed


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Welcome to the EPPlus wiki!


The EPPlus wiki

The wiki is frequently updated and extended as we improve the docs and add new functionality. Use the menu of the wiki to navigate through the content.

Sample projects

A good way to learn how to use this library is to clone one of the sample projects and explore the code. The sample projects for version 6 is available for .NET Framework or .NET Core.

Source code docs

For source code docs, see the "EPPlus Source code docs" section on this page. We have separate docs for each minor version from version 5.0.

Web samples

We have created a sample app to demonstrate usage of EPPlus in ASP.NET web applications. You can browse through these samples via this web app and/or clone the Github repository to explore the code.

Getting started

See this page on how to get started with EPPlus If you have a problem or a question, try the FAQ


Here is a link to our roadmap.