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Massive overhaul of the update system and EQEmu Server management uti…

…lity framework

	(known as now known as
	- is now a general EQEmu Server management utiltiy framework that can be used
		to extend to many purposes. It's main purpose is to simplify server management
	- changes:
		- Menu has been completely changed, instead of a number based (enter number and hit enter)
		you now type commands within the menu (Ex: 'database')
		- Handles last mile installation for Windows Servers (See Github Readme)
		- Handles last mile installation for Linux Servers (See Github Readme)
			- Ubuntu
			- Debian
			- Fedora
			- CentOS
		- Now checks for Internet connection before performing web requests
		- Database:
			- Regular schema updates now happen automatically, if new binaries present updated
				database schema changes, script will backup first, auto update database, and continue
				world bootup
			- Regular bots database schema changes now happen automatically similarily to the above
			- Database checks can also be ran manually via the script menu
		- CLI Arguments
			- Arguments passed to can execute the same name-based operations that
				are present in the interactive menu
					- Example: "perl opcodes" will download opcodes
					- Example: "perl backup_player_tables" will backup and export player tables
		- Bots
			- Bots can now be automatically setup in Linux or Windows via the 'setup_bots' command
				- Windows will auto download binaries and install, along with installing bots db schema
				- Linxu will auto compile binaries and install, along with installings bots db schema
		- Utility scripts
			- Linux now has the following utility scripts for download, available via menu 'utility_scripts'
				and via Linux default install:
		- Usage analytics
			- now collects usage analytics, this is very helpful for our developers
				- Example: We can see how many installs have been performed:
				- This helps us see how often certain utilities are used as well
		- Console Messages
			- All script messages have been prefixed with a bracket action Ex: [Update] [Database] [Info]
				to be more consistent with our log conventions
		- 'New Server' Utility
			- Running 'new_server' from the main menu or 'perl new_server' while in
				a completely new folder with just the script present, will allow a server operator
				to initiate a full clean PEQ install in that folder. Pulling down all assets and
				installing a PEQ database with the name the server operator gives the prompts in the
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