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Project "Moonglade"

Build status

This is the new blog system for, Moonglade is the successor of project "Nordrassil", which was the .NET Framework version of the blog system. Moonglade is a complete rewrite of the old system using .NET Core, optimized for cloud-based hosting.



Basic: Post, Comment, Category, Archive, Tag, Friendlink

Misc: Pingback, RSS/Atom/OPML, Open Search, Reader View


This is NOT a general purpose blog system like WordPress or other CMS. Currently it contains content "hard coded" for

To make it yours, you will need to change a certain amount of code.

I am looking into generalize the system in the long term. But there are no specific plans and scopes for the currently. You are welcomed to raise PR to move out the "" specific code.

不是一个通用博客系统,目前代码里还有和 网站相关的页面,因此如果你想使用这套代码自建博客,需要一定量的修改。

Build and Run

Current code is not so setup-friendly, it is very complicated comparing to other blog or CMS systems, I am consider improving the setup steps.


Prepare Azure AD

This blog is using Azure AD to sign in to admin portal. Local authentication provider is not implmented yet.

Register an App in Azure Active Directory

  • Set Redirection URI to "https://localhost:5001/signin-oidc"
  • Add Redirection URI for your other domain names if needed.
  • Copy "appId" to set as AzureAd:ClientId in appsettings.[env].json file

Example Reply URL Configuration

"replyUrlsWithType": [
	"url": "https://localhost/signin-oidc",
	"type": "Web"
	"url": "",
	"type": "Web"
	"url": "https://localhost:5001/signin-oidc",
	"type": "Web"
	"url": "",
	"type": "Web"

Setup Database

  1. Create a SQL Server 2017+ database or Azure SQL Database

  2. Execute script "Database\schema-mssql-140.sql"

You may need to grant permission to the database for your machine or service account depends on your server configuration

Build Source

  1. Create a "appsettings.Development.json" under "src\Moonglade.Web", this file defines development time settings such as accounts, db connections, keys, etc. It is by default ignored by git, so you will need to manange it on your own.

  2. Update the connection string "MoongladeDatabase" in appsettings.[env].json according to your database configuration.

  3. Build and run Moonglade.sln, startup project is Moonglade.Web


Email Password Encryption

Encryption controls the IV and Key for encrypted email passwords in database.

To get a random generated key, visit

I will not track or preserve your keys. If you trust me, use that url, if not, write code to generate keys for yourself.*

See Edi.Net.AesEncryption project for more information.

Image Storage

AppSettings:ImageStorage controls how blog post images are stored. There are 2 built in options:

  1. Azure Blob: You need to create an Azure Storage Account with a blob container.
"Provider": "AzureStorageImageProvider"
"AzureStorageSettings": {
  "ConnectionString": "YOUR CONNECTION STRING",
  "ContainerName": "YOUR CONTAINER NAME"
  1. File System: Set provider to FileSystemImageProvider
"Provider": "FileSystemImageProvider",
"FileSystemSettings": {
  "Path": "${basedir}\\UploadedImages"

The Path can be relative or absolute. "${basedir}" represents the website's current directory. Storing images files under website directory is not recommended.


This blog generates robots.txt based on configuration. However, if there are a physical file named "robots.txt" under "wwwroot" directory, it will override the configuration based robots.txt generation.

To customize robots.txt, modify the configuration under RobotsTxt section.


Key Description
CaptchaSettings:ImageWidth Pixel Width of Captcha Image
CaptchaSettings.ImageHeight Pixel Height of Captcha Image
TimeZone The blog owner's current time zone (relative to UTC)
HotTagAmount How many tags to show on the side bar
PostListPageSize How may posts listed per page
PostSummaryWords How may words to show in post list summary
ImageCacheSlidingExpirationMinutes Time for cached images to expire
EnableImageLazyLoad Use lazy load to show images when user scrolls the page
UsePictureInsteadOfNotFoundResult Show a friendly 404 picture or not
EnablePingBackReceive Can blog receive pingback requests
EnablePingBackSend Can blog send pingback to another blog
EnableHarmonizor Filter bad words (in order to live in China)
EnableReward Show WeChat reward button and QR Code image
RecentCommentsListSize How many comments to show on side bar
EnforceHttps Force website use HTTPS
DisableEmailSendingInDevelopment When debugging locally, do not send email for real

Host on Server

You can host Moonglade on public internet.

Server Requirments

  • Windows or Linux Servers that supports .NET Core 2.2
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription, for setup Azure AD Authentication

Web Server Configuration


To use https, set EnforceHttps: true in AppSettings.

Email Notification

To enable email notifications such as new comments, pingback requests, set up in the blog admin portal.

Optional Recommendations

  • Microsoft Azure DNS Zones
  • Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
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