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Releases: EdiWang/Moonglade


17 Oct 04:54
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New Features

  • Add support for PostgreSQL #684

Update and Fixes

  • Migrate Email notification to use Azure Storage Queue. Users need to reconfigure notification settings in admin portal.
  • Post slug generation now support characters including ( ) # , . ?
  • Removed Edi.RouteDebugger in development environment
  • Upgrade to .NET 6.0.10


17 Sep 06:05
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New Features

  • Add settings to control post title alignment of left or center

Update and Fixes

  • Improve reliability for email notification (require upgrade to the latest version of Moonglade.Notification)
  • Improve local account security
  • Upgrade to .NET 6.0.9

Upgrade from Previous Version

Run SQL Migration Script

ALTER TABLE LocalAccount ADD PasswordSalt NVARCHAR(64)

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[EmailNotification](
	[Id] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
	[DistributionList] [nvarchar](1024) NOT NULL,
	[MessageType] [nvarchar](32) NOT NULL,
	[MessageBody] [nvarchar](2048) NULL,
	[SendingStatus] [int] NOT NULL,
	[CreateTimeUtc] [datetime] NOT NULL,
	[SentTimeUtc] [datetime] NULL,
	[TargetResponse] [nvarchar](512) NULL,
	[RetryCount] [int] NOT NULL
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[EmailNotification] ADD  CONSTRAINT [PK_EmailNotification] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED 
	[Id] ASC


25 Aug 05:04
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New Features

  • Linux deployment script now include MySQL as database option
  • Posts can be sorted by most recent, popular or featured
  • Posts that have headings can now show a document outline

Update and Fixes

  • Fix JavaScript error blocking a few admin features
  • Fix highlighter.js showing warning messages


14 Jul 02:02
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New Features

  • Logged in admin can edit or delete page in forestage
  • Logged in admin can edit post in forestage
  • Allow setting "enable site map" in admin portal

Update and Fixes

  • Fixed Linux build is missing Chinese language resources
  • Fixed image zooming not working
  • Posts will now automatically mark as original when the original link is set
  • Request/Response logging is now only enabled in development environment
  • Updated draft UI
  • Export data feature is now on each individual management pages
  • Deprecate API Key authentication
  • Deprecate EnableWebApi settings
  • Deprecate WatermarkSkipExtensions settings
  • Patch .NET runtime to 6.0.8


14 Jun 04:00
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New Features

  • New post management UI

Update and Fixes

  • Upgrade TinyMCE to v6
  • Optimize static resource delivery on HTTP/2
  • Deprecate full jQuery and use jQuery slim


12 Apr 00:51
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New Features

  • New Pingback management UI
  • Users can now set watermark ARGB values in settings UI
  • Users can now set SkipPixel for watermark in settings UI

Update and Fixes

  • OpenGraph is now always enabled
  • Remove PreferAzureAppConfiguration settings key, now when an Azure App Configuration connection string is set, the blog will use Azure App Configuration.
  • Simplify CommentModerator settings, now when a Azure Content Moderator endpoint and key are set, the blog will use Azure Content Moderator
  • Remove TagNormalization from settings because users may misconfig it and blow up system
  • Fix Linux deployment script @Anduin2017
  • Fix database setup error message not being shown on UI
  • Improve image CDN performance


14 Jan 02:23
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New Features

  • Support integrating with third-party comment service
  • Support MySQL Database, thanks to @zhiyongpeng
  • Support QiNiu as image storage provider, thanks to @zhiyongpeng
  • Deliver avatar images via CDN, thanks to @zhiyongpeng
  • Added more languages for code highlight
    • Dockerfile
    • Less
    • Lua
    • SCSS
    • Swift

Update and Fixes

  • Deprecate audit feature
  • Deprecate a few jQuery dependencies
  • Fix captcha and watermark blow up when running in Linux or Docker
  • Fix post preview not rendering code highlighter