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Edinburgh NLP

The Natural Language Processing Group at the University of Edinburgh


  1. nematus Public

    Open-Source Neural Machine Translation in Tensorflow

    Python 786 274

  2. Refresh Public

    Ranking Sentences for Extractive Summarization with Reinforcement Learning

    Python 266 48

  3. Preprocessed Python functions and docstrings for automated code documentation (code2doc) and automated code generation (doc2code) tasks.

    Python 174 44

  4. XSum Public

    Topic-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Extreme Summarization

    Python 289 65

  5. csi-corpus Public

    annotated screenplays for 39 CSI:Crime Scene Investigation episodes for paper "Whodunnit? Crime Drama as a Case for Natural Language Understanding"

    43 9

  6. The codes to the paper "Discourse Representation Structure Parsing"

    Python 36 12



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