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Refresh: Ranking Sentences for Extractive Summarization with Reinforcement Learning

This repository releases our code for the Refresh model. It is improved from our code for Sidenet. It uses Tensorflow 0.10, please use scripts provided by Tensorflow to translate them to newer upgrades.

Please contact me at for any question.

Please cite this paper if you use our code or data:

Ranking Sentences for Extractive Summarization with Reinforcement Learning, Shashi Narayan, Shay B. Cohen and Mirella Lapata, NAACL 2018.

Single document summarization is the task of producing a shorter version of a document while preserving its principal information content. In this paper we conceptualize extractive summarization as a sentence ranking task and propose a novel training algorithm which globally optimizes the ROUGE evaluation metric through a reinforcement learning objective. We use our algorithm to train a neural summarization model on the CNN and DailyMail datasets and demonstrate experimentally that it outperforms state-of-the-art extractive and abstractive systems when evaluated automatically and by humans.

CNN and Dailymail Data

In addition to our code, please find links to additional files which are not uploaded here.

Preprocessed Data and Word Embedding File

Best Pretrained Models

We train for a certain number of epochs and then we estimate ROUGE score on the validation set after each epoch. The chosen models are the best ones performing on the validation set.

Human Evaluation Data

We have selected 20 (10 CNN and 10 DailyMail) articles. Please see our paper for the experiment setup.

Training and Evaluation Instructions

Please download data using the above links and then either update for the following parameters or pass them as in-line arguments:

pretrained_wordembedding: /address/data/1-billion-word-language-modeling-benchmark-r13output.word2vec.vec (Pretrained wordembedding file trained on the one million benchmark data)
preprocessed_data_directory: /address/data/preprocessed-input-directory (Preprocessed news articles)
gold_summary_directory: /address/data/Baseline-Gold-Models (Gold summary directory)
doc_sentence_directory: /address/data/CNN-DM-Filtered-TokenizedSegmented (Directory where document sentences are kept)


mkdir -p /address/to/training/directory/cnn-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample5

# Training
python --use_gpu /gpu:2 --data_mode cnn --train_dir /address/to/training/directory/cnn-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample5 --num_sample_rollout 5 > /address/to/training/directory/cnn-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample5/train.log

# Evaluation
python --use_gpu /gpu:2 --data_mode cnn --exp_mode test --model_to_load 11 --train_dir /address/to/training/directory/cnn-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample5 --num_sample_rollout 5 > /address/to/training/directory/cnn-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample5/test.model11.log


mkdir -p /address/to/training/directory/dailymail-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample15

# Training
python --use_gpu /gpu:2 --data_mode dailymail --train_dir /address/to/training/directory/dailymail-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample15 --num_sample_rollout 15 > /address/to/training/directory/dailymail-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample15/train.log

# Evaluation
python --use_gpu /gpu:2 --data_mode dailymail --exp_mode test --model_to_load 7 --train_dir /address/to/training/directory/dailymail-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample15 --num_sample_rollout 15 > /address/to/training/directory/dailymail-reinforcementlearn-singlesample-from-moracle-noatt-sample15/test.model7.log

Oracle Estimation

Check our "scripts/oracle-estimator" to compute multiple oracles for your own dataset for training.

Blog post and Live Demo

You could find a live demo of Refresh here.

See here for a light introduction of our paper written by


Ranking Sentences for Extractive Summarization with Reinforcement Learning







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