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If Pay Then That

npm release MIT license Pull Requests Welcome IRC

Use Bitcoin Lightning payments as the trigger for IFTTT (If This Then That) actions.

Powered by ⚡ Lightning Charge and paypercall.


$ npm install -g ifpaytt


Setup Lightning Charge, then:

  1. Get your IFTTT maker key from IFTTT's Webhook settings page (shown as[MAKER-KEY-HERE]).

  2. Open the new applet page, click "this", enter "Webhooks", click "Receive a web request", enter a descriptive event name prefixed by ifpaytt_ containing only numbers, lowercase letters and _ (e.g. ifpaytt_lightup_room404 or ifpaytt_vend_machine137_item56), and click "Create Trigger".

  3. Configure your "then" action and finish creating the IFTTT applet.

  4. Start the ifpaytt server:

    $ ifpaytt --charge-token [mySecretToken] --ifttt-key [myMakerKey] --currency BTC \
              --price-lightup_room404 0.00001 --price-vend_machine137_item56 0.000063
    Running on http://localhost:6000

That's it! The server is now ready to accept payments and trigger IFTTT actions.

Paying to trigger actions

Users can access the IFTTT action through a three-part process:

  1. Send an empty POST request to /{event-name} to get the BOLT11 payment request and the X-Token header:

    $ curl -i -X POST http://localhost:6000/lightup_room404
    HTTP/1.1 402 Payment Required
    X-Token: lmbdmJeoSQ0ZCB5egtnph.af1eupleFBVuhN2vrbRuDLTlsnnUPYRzDWdL5HtWykY
    Content-Type: application/vnd.lightning.bolt11
  2. Make the payment:

    $ lightning-cli pay lnbcrt8925560p1pdfh7n2pp54g5avyupe70l988h30u0hy8agpj2z7qsveu7ejhys97j98rgez0...
  3. Send the request again, this time with the X-Token header echoed back and optionally with value1, value2 and value3 in the request body (passed along to IFTTT):

    $ curl -i -X POST http://localhost:6000/lightup_room404 \
      -H 'X-Token: lmbdmJeoSQ0ZCB5egtnph.af1eupleFBVuhN2vrbRuDLTlsnnUPYRzDWdL5HtWykY' \
      -d value1='brightness=80,color=red'
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Congratulations! You've fired the ifpaytt_lightup_room404 event

    (if value[1-3] are not set, they'll automatically be populated with some useful information about the payment.)

CLI options

$ ifpaytt --help

  Trigger IFTTT actions with Bitcoin Lightning payments

    $ ifpaytt [options]

    -c, --charge-url <url>      lightning charge server url [default: http://localhost:9112]
    -t, --charge-token <token>  lightning charge access token [required]
    -k, --ifttt-key <key>       IFTTT maker key (available in [required]
    -r, --ifttt-prefix <prefix> prefix for IFTTT event names [default: ifpaytt_]

    -x, --currency <name>       the currency prices are quoted in [default: BTC]
    --price-{event} <price>     price to send events of type {event}

    -d, --db-path <path>        path to store payperclick sqlite database [default: ifpaytt.db]
    --invoice-expiry <sec>      how long should invoices be payable for [default: 1 hour]
    --access-expiry <sec>       how long should paid active tokens remain valid for [default: 1 hour]
    --token-secret <secret>     secret used for HMAC tokens [default: generated based on {charge-token}]

    -p, --port <port>           http server port [default: 6000]
    -i, --host <host>           http server listen address [default:]
    -e, --node-env <env>        nodejs environment mode [default: production]
    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -v, --version               output version number

    $ ifpaytt -t chargeAccessToken -k iftttMakerKey -x BTC \
              --price-lightup_room404 0.00001 --price-vend_machine137_item56 0.00023