Pédale Vite — DIY multi-FX pedalboard for guitar/bass/etc.
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Pédale Vite is a DIY multi-FX pedalboard for guitar, bass or any other electric instrument.

It is based on a Raspberry Pi 3 and a USB soundcard (the Presonus Audiobox USB).

Pédale Vite

Key features:

  • A large collection of effects within a single box: distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb…
  • Programs containing any free combination of the above effects
  • 12 footswitches to activate the programs or other functionalities
  • Fast and smooth transition between programs
  • Up to 3 expression pedals to drive effects like wha, volume, LFOs…
  • Infinite modulation possibilities
  • Designed for stage and regular transport
  • Silent and accurate tuner activated with a footswitch
  • Standalone, no need for any external computer
  • Building is easy and simple, can be reproduced and adapted by any person without specific skill
  • Free software and hardware design
  • And much more…

More information here.

The /doc/ folder contains everything you need to build the pedalboard.