Query for information about values in elm source files.
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Elm Oracle intends to be a standalone program that can be used by all editor plugins to query information about a project's source code.


You need node to install and run elm-oracle.

npm install -g elm-oracle


elm-oracle FILE query
  Query for information about a token in an Elm file.

Available options:
  -h,--help                    Show this help text.

The return value will be a json array of json objects with information for each value that starts with the query string.

elm-oracle Main.elm Signal.message might return:

        "name": "message",
        "fullName": "Signal.message",
        "href": "http://package.elm-lang.org/packages/elm-lang/core/latest/Signal#message",
        "signature": "Address a -> a -> Message",
        "comment": "Create a message that may be sent to a `Mailbox` at a later time.\n\nMost importantly, this lets us create APIs that can send values to ports\n*without* allowing people to run arbitrary tasks."

Whereas elm-oracle Main.elm Signal.m might include Signal.mailbox, Signal.map, etc.

If elm-oracle encounters errors, it will return a json array or json objects like:

[{"error": "You did not supply a source file or query."}]

Projects that use elm-oracle