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Optolith Character Generator is a desktop application for The Dark Eye 5th Edition.
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Optolith Character Generator

This is the bug and feature tracker for Optolith, a desktop application for The Dark Eye 5th Edition.


You can download the app here (German page) or here here (English page) (same app on both pages). You'll get an installer for Windows and a DMG for Mac, both with Auto Update support. For Linux, you have to use the .tar.gz, but I am working on an Auto Updater for Linux via AppImage.

It is available for Windows 7+ as well as for Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21, Debian 8) and macOS 10.9+ x64.


This repository only contains the issues and the rough roadmap for this app, but you can submit a bug, comment on issues and join the discussions on the following pages:

Fixed issues can be found in the or via the issue tracker.


For details please check out the issues and provided links above!

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