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ATTENTION! This wiki is useful up to version v.4.0 of Entando portal. If you wish to use Entando v.4.2-TP1, our latest installment containing brand new features, you should refer to our newest wiki: New Wiki

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Official website: http://www.entando.com/portal/
Community hub: [http://www.entando.com/portal/pages/en/homepage/community/] (http://www.entando.com/portal/pages/en/homepage/community/)
Latest release: v4.0.0 - (notes)

Some quick links and use cases:

General documentation

Document Description
[[Migration from Entando 3.0 to 3.2 Migration from entando 3.0.0 to 3.2.0]]
Setup a Java development environment for the Entando Platform The minimum hardware and software requirements
Entando in production: how to prepare a server, how to deploy your Entando based application This step-by-step guide shows to system or network administrators how to setup a basic server where to deploy your project.
The Entando model This is an overall view of the model of the platform. Users, Groups, Contents etc. are introduced from an high level perspective, without going too deep in the subject.
Build an Entando portal The material contained in this page resumes some of the concepts already seen in the Entando Model, to deepen subjects such as Pages, Contents and Widgets; the aim is to provide quick information to build a portal.
Pattern for application services creation and integration This developers-oriented document shows the way and the conventions adopted to create Application Services in the Entando core.
Plugin Pattern This guide explains how to create applications services in form of Entando plugins.
[[Entando Rest API Engine Entando REST API Engine]]

Community plugins (sources)

Plugin Description
[[Action Logger Entando plugin: Action Logger]]
[[Content Versioning Entando plugin: Content Versioning]]
[[Email Sender Entando plugin: Email Sender]]
[[LDAP Entando plugin: LDAP Connector]]
[[Newsletter Entando plugin: Newsletter]]
[[ RSS Aggregator Entando plugin: RSS Aggregator]]
[[RSS Entando plugin: RSS]]
[[Manage User Profile Entando plugin: Manage User Profile]]
[[User Registration Entando plugin: User Registration]]
[[Web Dynamic Forms Entando plugin: Web Dynamic Forms]]
[[Address Book Entando plugin: Address Book]]
[[Cas Client Entando plugin: CAS Client ]]
Calendar adds a calendar with the events of the day
Content Feedback let users rate and comment portal contents
Content Workflow let administrators create a precise process to follow in order to write and approve a new content
Fast Content Edit allows administrator edit contents directly from the portal pages
My Portal Plus let users arrange the widgets in a page with the drag and drop
Share With let visitors share portal contents in their preferred social network
Widget Replicator echoes the Widget contained in a given frame of a page in another page of the portal
Survey - Questionnaire lets administrator create polls for the portal visitors
Avatar let users associate an avatar taken from Gravatar to their portal account
Tag Cloud adds a tag-cloud in the portal which contains the categories of the most-viewed contents
Content Types - Categories relations establishes a relation between categories of a content and its content types
Faceted Navigation enables faceted navigation of the portal contents organized by categories
GeoReferenced contents adds geographic reference to portal contents
Image Map adds a new attribute to the CMS which allows editors add images with clickable regions in contents
Photo gallery adds a photogallery to the portal
Statistics elaborates the statistical figures relative to portal pages and published contents
Token API let users access Entando platform REST APIs through a security token
Front Shortcut allows portal administrators to edit, configure and manage contents, services and pages directly from the front-end of the portal

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