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My participation to the PyGame challenge "Character Generator"
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Character Generator Challenge

My participation to the PyGame challenge "Character Generator" where the goal is to create a character generation GUI for an RPG-like game.


Not all features are implemented, and will never be. These ones are striked out.

  • Name your character or generate a random one
  • Choose you character's race (Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc) and class (Warrior, Wizard or Thief) (manually choosing isn't fully implemented and/or not working well)
  • Ability scores (Strength, Resistance, Dexterity and Intelligence) are randomly generated
  • Skills are defined based on class and ability scores (minimum required score). Available ones are:
    • Lock Spy (Thief)
    • Stealth (Thief; Intelligence: 2)
    • Picklock (Thief; Intelligence: 3)
    • High-kick (Warrior; Strength: 2)
    • Runner (Warrior; Strength: 3)
    • Earthquake (Warrior; Strength: 4)
    • Magical Heal (Wizard; Intelligence: 2)
    • Fireball (Wizard; Intelligence: 3)
    • Dragon Bite (Wizard; Intelligence: 4)
  • Live preview of your character
  • Ability to randomize everything
  • Save you character's sheet as a text file


Python 3. May eventually works with Python 2 (not tested).


Clone this repo, and then the usual pip install -r requirements.txt.



How it works

I obviously can't explain how it works here, so you'll have to jump yourself in the source code. Start with the entry point,