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Wunderlist plugin for Kanboard

This plugin allow you to import Wunderlist tasks and lists directly from the user interface of Kanboard by uploading a Wunderlist export file. It is the successor of this script.

Don't forget that Microsoft, which acquired Wunderlist back in 2015, will shut down Wunderlist at an unkown date. Migrate your tasks as soon as possible. More information: https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/19/microsoft-to-shut-down-wunderlist-in-favor-of-its-new-app-to-do/

Latest release License


Kanboard version


Manually, latest release:

  1. Navigate to the plugins directory, located in the root installation directory of Kanboard
  2. Create the Wunderlist folder
  3. Download the latest release here
  4. Extract all files in the directory contained in the archive file you downloaded in the Wunderlist directory created previously

Using the Git CLI, bleeding-edge code:

  1. Navigate to the plugins directory, located in the root installation directory of Kanboard
  2. git clone https://github.com/EpocDotFr/kanboard-wunderlist.git Wunderlist

You can check if the plugin is correctly installed in the Preferences > Plugins menu.


It is very simple.

Creating the Wunderlist export file

  1. Go on the Wunderlist web app
  2. Go in Menu > Account Settings tab
  3. Click on the Create Backup button
  4. Download the file when it's done

Importing in Kanboard

  1. Open Kanboard
  2. Go to the Preferences > Import from Wunderlist menu
  3. Select a Wunderlist export file (JSON format) to import, then click on the Import button

How it works

Kanboard and Wunderlist are very different, so there's some things to know about what happens to your tasks and lists in certain cases:

  • Lists and folders are imported as projects
  • The default Kanboard's columns are created for each imported projects (according to your Kanboard configuration)
  • If a task is tagged as completed on Wunderlist, it will be tagged as closed on Kanboard
  • Public lists are imported with public access active (otherwise no)
  • Starred tasks will have a color of red, otherwise yellow
  • Notes are imported as task description
  • Tasks are created in the default column / swimlane of each projects

All the other data supported by Kanboard is imported with no problems.


  • This plugin may broke if you update Kanboard. If so, please submit an issue
  • Only administrators can access this feature
  • Duplicates are not checked
  • Hooks are fired for each tasks created (and also all other relevant hooks)
  • The following things cannot be imported (they aren't available in the Wunderlist export file):
    • Users (and of course: users assigned to tasks)
    • Attached files
    • Comments


See here.


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If you have questions or problems, you can submit an issue.

You can also submit pull requests. It's open-source man!