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Simple Django-based POS system
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EpPos is a basic Django (python)-based Point Of Sale system that is designed to be platform-independent (it runs on the web) and completely mobile- and touch-friendly.

Contributors: see the CONTRIBUTING file!

What is a POS?

A POS (Point Of Service) system is the software that is used by cashiers and waiters to bill you and keep the stock. This one is meant for smaller businesses, like food trucks.

How can I run it?

It is very simple. Have a look at the wiki! Or read this block of text for the short version.

Install docker and docker-compose, download EpPos and navigate into the directory. Run docker-compose up -d --build. Wait for it to complete and run docker-compose run web ./ createsuperuser and follow the prompts to create an admin account. Go to localhost in your browser and log in!

If you need help with this, you can just create an issue. Please do search through previous issues though.

Known "issues"

  • There is a limitation in the total value of an order. It cannot exceed 10 digits, counting decimal places. If someone runs into this: congratulations, I'll have to update this.

I found a bug

Congratulations! You can report this issue on the issue tracker on GitHub. I will be forever grateful if you could possible be so kind as to include a server log and/or web console log.

I want to help!

Absolutely marvelous! Have a look in the CONTRIBUTING file for info about contributing!

I want to make a spinoff!

You absolutely may. If you think what you want in a POS is not something that is in the scope of EpPOS (although you may always ask) you can for sure just fork it. Details are in the LICENSE file, we use the Apache license.

Maintainers aka. Who Do I Talk To?

Epse aka. Stef Pletinck

Hall of fame

Everyone who contributes to EpPos gets a spot here.

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