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Pokemon Safari

Pokemon Safari

A Pokemon game built as a Chrome Extension. Pokemon are encountered every few minutes, and can be battled and caught by selecting the extension icon when it changes to a "!". The passive nature of the game means that you never really devote any time to it, just seconds a day, but are constantly given little rewards and challenges, to make your web browsing a bit more fun. The formulas for battling and catching pokemon are the exact same as those used in the Safari Zone in original Pokemon games.

TO INSTALL: clone the PokemonSafari folder to your computer. Go to Google Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions. Check the button that says "Developer Mode", and then click "load unpacked extesnion", and select the folder.

TO PLAY: Select the Safari Ball icon to open up the menu. There, you can select a "Safari Zone" with the radio buttons, which determines what kind of Pokemon you find. Selecting the "Pokedex" button takes you to a screen showing all the pokemon you have caught. Whenever the icon changes to a "!", clicking on it will initiate a battle. Each turn you can try to catch a pokemon, throw a rock (which makes the pokemon easier to catch but more likely to flee), or throw bait (which does the opposite).

Upcoming changes:

  • DRYing up some WET parts and increase maintainability by splitting things into modules
  • Improvements in the GUI
  • Adding new regions and features as necessary

Built using the Pokeapi by Paul Hallett.