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This repository contains ROS Package of Robotics Indoor SDK developed by Estimote.
Package is currently compiled to support RaspberryPi 3 (armv7l GNU/Linux) and x86 devices (ex. Ubuntu PCs).

Feedback and support

We are working on support for other platforms, contact us if you need support for specific hardware.
Feel free to share any feedback or ask questions about this project by sending email to

Detailed documentation

Instructions how to prepare your hardware setup and detailed documentation of the system could be found at our developer portal:

Quick installation guide

  1. Make sure you have installed ROS and configured Catkin workspace on your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Download content of this repository and save as estimote_robotics_indoor_sdk folder inside src/ folder in your catkin workspace (referred later as $CATKIN_WORKSPACE)
  3. Edit src/ and choose which architecture version of you want to execute by uncommenting it and commenting other versions.
  4. Run $ catkin_make from your catkin workspace.
  5. Open three separate terminals, run $ roscore in first and use last two in steps described below.
  6. Start the positioning node:
$ source ./devel/setup.bash
$ rosparam load src/estimote_robotics_indoor_sdk/src/params.yaml
$ rosrun estimote_robotics_indoor_sdk

Example output:

[Robotics Indoor SDK] initializing ROS node..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] ROS node started, initializing positioning system..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] checking database presence..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] enabling central beacon..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] coordinates data saver started..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] packets data saver started..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] saving distance measures started..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] location data fetched..
[Robotics Indoor SDK] postition estimation started..
[INFO] [1504609463.780477]: 3.01280850467, 10.0553189206
[INFO] [1504609464.300261]: 3.00472775165, 10.0038531813
[INFO] [1504609464.816015]: 3.05423739245, 10.0339022171
  1. Start an exemplary listener:
$ source ./devel/setup.bash
$ rosrun estimote_robotics_indoor_sdk

Example listener output:

[INFO] [1504611699.781092]: /listener_6832_1504611699257 [Robotics Indoor SDK] x, y = 3.01280850467, 10.0553189206
[INFO] [1504611700.298712]: /listener_6832_1504611699257 [Robotics Indoor SDK] x, y = 3.00472775165, 10.0038531813
[INFO] [1504611700.814251]: /listener_6832_1504611699257 [Robotics Indoor SDK] x, y = 3.05423739245, 10.0339022171

Our node posts current robot position in format x, y to estimote_position ROS topic.
The rest of messages content presented above was generated in the exemplary script.


ROS package for indoor navigation using Estimote beacons





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