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A Javascript library to parse Apple HLS MPEG Transport Stream segments

Usage (Node JS)

npm install --save hls-ts

The library implements the Writable stream interface and acts a a "sink". For example to download and parse an HLS MPEG Transport Stream segment:

const request = require("request");
const hlsTs = require("hls-ts");

.on("finish", function() {

  // Obtain all programs found in the Transport Stream
  const programs = hlsTs.programs;

  // Obtain all packets for a specific program stream
  const avcPackets = hlsTs.getPacketsByProgramType("avc");

  // Obtain the payload for a program stream
  const avcPayload = hlsTs.getDataStreamByProgramType("avc");

  // where is a Uint8Array
  const avcParser = hlsTs.createAvcParser(avcPayload);

  // Obtain NAL units
  const nalUnits = avcParser.getNalUnits();

Usage (Browser version)

<script src="dist/hls-ts.min.js"></script>
  var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
  var url = "";
  var parser = new window.HlsTs({ debug: false });
  xhr.responseType = "arraybuffer";
  xhr.onloadend = function() {
    var buffer = xhr.response;
    var data = new Uint8Array(buffer);
    parser.parse(data).then(function() {
      // Obtain all programs found in the Transport Stream
      var programs = parser.getPrograms();

      // Obtain all packets for a specific program stream
      var avcPackets = parser.getPacketsByProgramType("avc");
      // Obtain the payload for a program stream
      var avcPayload = parser.getDataStreamByProgramType("avc");

      // where is a Uint8Array
      var avcParser = parser.createAvcParser(avcPayload);

      // Obtain NAL units
      var nalUnits = avcParser.getNalUnits();
    }).catch(function(err) { console.error(err.message); }).then(done);
  };"GET", url);

API Documentation

Find API documentation here:


All contributions are welcome but before you submit a Pull Request make sure you follow the same code conventions and that you have written unit tests

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