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To run the game, you must have pygame installed.  The game also requires the
fortune engine installed.  You may find it in the fortune hunter wiki:

To start the game by running as a standalone program.
To start it on an xo, after installing just click the Lemonade Icon which
will run the file.

To begin, click on the Lemonade stand icon on your XO.

The game will start immediately.

The game has two cycles per day.  The first cycle allows the user to purchase
their supplies for the day.  Once the user has selected their supplies, the
game will run the simulation.  The second phase of the day is the counting
mini game.  The user must select the amount of money they made by selling your
lemonade. If they fail to correct the amount, they will not get the money for
the day.

Sales depend on the weather, so be sure to notice the forecast for the next
day!  Also, be aware that lemons do go bad, so don't hold onto them too long.

Occasionally, random events will occur giving you extra resources or removing
more resources than normal.  Try it out and see how much you can make!