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A Factorio bot for Discord built in Golang.
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FactoCord -- a Factorio to Discord bridge bot for Linux

Go Report Card


Make sure you have your .env file in the same directory as the executable/binary, you can use .envexample the template

There are two ways of starting FactoCord

  1. Using the bash script (bash or ./ (make sure you chmod +x the script first)
  2. Manually running the binary (./FactoCord)

Installing as a service

To install FactoCord as a service so that it can run on startup, you can use the provided

Note you must run as root/sudo to install it as a service

Example of running ./ factorio /home/facotrio/factocord/


Requires go 1.8 or above

FactoCord uses the following packages:

You will need to add these lib as go get:

  • go get
  • go get
  • go get

To compile just do go build

Error reporting

When FactoCord encounters an error will log to error.log within the same directory as itself.

If you are having an issue make sure to check the error.log to see what the problem is.

If you are unable to solve the issue yourself, please post an issue containing the error.log and I will review and attempt to solve what the problem is.

Windows Support?

Currently I haven't had any luck getting FactoCord to run correctly on Windows, see this for information

If a way is found to fix this problem, then Windows support will be added.


restart command

mod list command

stop command

save command

in-game chat being sent to discord, notice how you can mention discord members

discord chat being sent to in-game

Special Thanks

  • Brett and MajesticFudgie for making the logo!
  • UclCommander for finding me the tails library which made this a lot easier to build.
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