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Fido is an lightweight, highly modular C++ machine learning library for embedded electronics and robotics. Fido is especially suited for robotic and embedded contexts, as it is written in C++ with minimal use of the standard library, comes packaged with a robotic simulator, and provides and easy interface in which to write robotic drivers.

Check out the project site and documentation for more information.

The library was adapted from a universal robot control system.


The Fido library was primarily developed by Michael Truell. Joshua Gruenstein helped develop Fido's robotic simulator. Most of his commits are to the schematics and paper of a decoupled research study that he and Michael performed together.

Beta Status

This library is in beta. It has been used in a couple of projects, but the API may still change in backward-incompatible ways. There are definetly bugs.


Send us a pull request. If you are looking for things to do, check out the repo's open issues. If you find a bug or have any trouble with the library, please open an issue. We are happy to help you out.




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