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Font Manager

A simple font management application for GTK Desktop Environments

Main Window

Font Manager is intended to provide a way for average users to easily manage desktop fonts, without having to resort to command line tools or editing configuration files by hand. While designed primarily with the Gnome Desktop Environment in mind, it should work well with other GTK desktop environments.

Font Manager is NOT a professional-grade font management solution.


  • Preview and compare font files
  • Activate or deactivate installed font families
  • Automatic categorization based on font properties
  • Integrated character map
  • User font collections
  • User font installation and removal
  • User font directory settings
  • User font substitution settings
  • Desktop font settings (GNOME Desktop or compatible environments)


Distribution packages

Arch User Repository

Arch Linux users can find font-manager in the AUR

Fedora COPR

Copr build status

Fedora packages built from latest revision:

dnf copr enable jerrycasiano/FontManager
dnf install font-manager

Please note that packages in COPR can conflict with official packages. Make sure to purge any previous installation before switching between COPR and official sources.


Gentoo users may find font-manager in ::pf4public Gentoo overlay

Ubuntu Personal Package Archive

Ubuntu packages built from latest revision:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:font-manager/staging
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install font-manager

Please note that packages in the PPA can conflict with official packages. Make sure to purge any previous installation before switching between PPA and official sources.

File Manager extensions

Fedora and Ubuntu users can also find extensions for Nautilus and Nemo in the repositories.

The extension allows you to preview font files by simply selecting them in the file manager while font-viewer is open.

Building from source

You'll need to ensure the following dependencies are installed:

  • meson >= 0.50
  • ninja
  • glib >= 2.62
  • vala >= 0.42
  • freetype2 >= 2.5
  • gtk+-3.0 >= 3.22
  • json-glib-1.0 >= 0.15
  • libxml-2.0 >= 2.9
  • sqlite3 >= 3.8
  • gobject-introspection
  • yelp-tools (optional)
  • gettext (optional)

If you wish to also build the file manager extensions:

  • libnautilus-extension (optional)
  • libnemo-extension (optional)

To build the application:

meson --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release build
cd build

To run the application without installing:


To install the application:

sudo ninja install

To uninstall:

sudo ninja uninstall

For a list of available build options:

meson configure

To change an option after the build directory has been configured:

meson configure -Dsome_option=true


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.0 - see COPYING for details.


  • Karl Pickett for getting the ball rolling with
  • The compare mode in Font Manager is modeled after gnome-specimen by Wouter Bolsterlee
  • Font Manager makes use of data compiled for Fontaine by Edward H. Trager
  • The character map in Font Manager is based on Gucharmap
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