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License: CC BY 4.0

Our website introduces FoodOn and its design and community.

FoodOn is initially based on a conversion of the food indexing thesaurus, integrated with OBOFoundry ontology terms from UBERON, ChEBI, and NCBITaxon and others. This approach allows LanguaL(tm)'s thesaurus file to be updated over time, and the owl file to be updated as needed.

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An easy place to browse FoodOn is at As well the URI's of terms in the ontology resolve to the comprehensive Ontobee ontology lookup service. It is organized according to the upper level BFO ontology, so most terms can be browsed by starting at the OBI "entity" term (e.g. in Ontobee).

The foodon_core.owl main file currently contains everything FoodOn has to offer, including a "foodon food product" branch of over 9,000 products. foodon_siren.owl has a slightly larger food product database, but is kept only for reference, as we improve the foodon food product branch. The food products mainly originate from the FDA SIREN indexed food database, imported from (Currently foodon.owl is identical to foodon_core.owl).

You can look at either file using in Protege or another OWL ontology editor. It should import the ncbitaxon_import.owl and other imports/ files too. After cloning this repository, use the Protege ontology editor to load the main file, and browse the Langual hierarchy under the "Classes" tab.


The core repository for the FOODON food ontology project. This holds the key classes of the ontology; larger files and the results of text-mining projects will be stored in other repos.




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