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RTKLIB Touchscreen GUI

RTKLIB GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Raspberry Pi with touchscreen made with Qt4 by the ENSG students

Update news : February 2019 update

  • Added ntrip server option in base mode, choose ntrips in output stream and give a ntrip server path (tested with default string goes to caster with Myplace as mountpoint, just change the mountpoint name and add your receiver info with -i "Ublox-M8T,3.27,00001" (firt string is receiver name, second string is firmware version, third string is serial number, station info with -sta "your station info" is not working yet on rtk2go)
  • Added a install script pack, tested on raspbian stretch and a RPI3you can get it with wget
  • the ENSG project for this year is to convert the C++ code into a python script based on the Taroz TouchRTKStation ( ) the release should be around May
  • You can type in a EPSG in the save point options, use the syntax EPSG:xxxx (example EPSG:4236) to get a projection transform with cs2cs in you saves point files (no virtual keyboard yet, you have to have a USB one))

May 2018 update

  • Added autostart a rover mode at boot, new button and page on main screen to set boot options
  • New branch to keep a Qt4 version compatible wth RPI2, now master branch is under QT5
  • Added geoid correction file option in the rover mode >> status >> save point option

March 2018 update

  • Add post processing on USA CORS stations, still under test but process looks correct now (still need a test from US to confirm that) (Video here)
  • Median position is done by average of the XYZ results
  • More info on the screen on the download process, progress bar is more precise, debug window is on another tab

February 2018 update

  • Automatic post processing to get base position, only compatible on desktop PC and RPI3 with Qt5 installed(still working on QT4/RPI2 compatibility). Works with european RGP ign server. It check for the nearest stations and download and process from 1 to 6 stations, if more than one station is used a median position is calculated.
  • Automatic mode with data logging>>post processing>>base station in one click, switch ost processing, put "Autostart base after processing" to "on" to enable else it will just give the results

August 2017 update

  • new pages in the wiki : tips and tools, test results by the ENG students
  • added data logging from the GNSS for post processing, just choose file in output of the basestation and it's done
  • added save position option, you are able to save X points ypu want to record with choosen timing
  • added 8 custom configuration files to the original preset
  • added you can edit edit most of the RTKlib parameter with the gui for the 8 custom config
  • added display of system and GNSS time and date in solution status windows
  • added Push button to set PI system date and time with GPS date and time
  • issue : return button in edit interface may freeze the software sometimes, allway lauch a configuration after you edited one then stop to avoid that

Take a look to the wiki pages for installation instructions and user manual :


For raspberry PI 3 (based on raspbian stretch)

  • Copy this image on a SD card, you can use Rufus for that :
  • Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi and start it.

Install manually RTKBASE on a fresh image of Raspbian (tested on strech):

  • Open the terminal
  • do a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Download install scripts with: wget
  • Unzip the installer file in home directory (/home/pi)
  • Go to the folder /home/pi/Installer
  • Update rights for the 3 scriptswith chmod +x chmod +x chmod +x
  • Lauch the 3 scripts in order to 1 downmload and build RTKbase 2 Install autostart and 3 install driver

You can do it manually with:

  • clone the repository: git clone
  • Go to the RTKBASE directory: cd RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/
  • Run the script to compil: ./ ( or ./ on a desktop x86 PC )

To install system on a raspberry pi 2 with the touchscreen you can download a raspian image with all the touchscreen drivers, Qt4 and all compilation dependencies preinstalled here :

It was based on this original image with only the library for the touchscreen:

You can also download these Pré-installed image of RTKbase, RPI2 contain a master version (june 2016) with autoload and custom splash screen, the version for RPI3 contains Raspbian Jessie with drivers and the Beta version(august 2017)

For raspberry PI 2

Autostart RTKBASE at boot :

Very simple but many method to do it :

  1. Add software to rc.local Run :
sed -i -e '$i \cd /home/pi/RTKLIB_Touchscreen_GUI/RTKBASE/ && RTKBASE\n' rc.local
  1. Use system root LXDE autostart : Run :
sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

Add this :

  1. Use user LXDE autostart : Run :
nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

Add this :

  1. Add desktop entry to user config : Run :
nano ~/.config/autostart/rtkbase

Copy paste entry below :

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=RTKLIB Touchscreen : graphic interface to use GNSS.
Make it executable : 
chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/rtkbase

Best way for me is option 4 because I do not use LXDE

Source : and kikislater

Add a custom splash screen at boot

Install fbi

sudo apt-get install fbi

Copy the splash image splash.png from /Splashscreen to /etc/
Copy the asplashscreen file in /Splashscreen to /etc/init.d/ Make the script executable and install it for init mode:

sudo chmod a+x /etc/init.d/asplashscreen sudo insserv /etc/init.d/asplashscreen

To remove text message edit /boot/cmdline.txt change console=tty1 to console=tty3 and add loglevel=3 at the end of file

Based on these tutos:

What will you get :

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Vidéo of beta build :

RTKlib Touchscreen preview

RTKBASE video Preview 2

RTKBASE Post processing

How to process data :

Go to Wiki

What precision and accuracy will I get ?

Work in progress ... Stay tuned !

You can watch some information here :

Material To build this project :

you will need :

  • Raspberry pi 2 or 3 and a 8gb SD

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RTKLIB GUI for Raspberry Pi with touchscreen made with Qt by the ENSG students



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