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Web Service for E-Discovery Analytics
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rth Support ingestion of CSV files (#193)
This aims to add ingestion of CSV files.

If `column_ids` is provided the input file is assumed to be a CSV.

Work in progress.
Latest commit 038c872 Jan 31, 2019



FreeDiscovery is an open source e-Discovery and information retrieval engine. It is based on the scikit-learn library and has two main components,

  • FreeDiscovery Engine provides a REST API for information retrieval applications. It aims to benefit existing e-Discovery and information retrieval platforms with a focus on text categorization, semantic search, document clustering, duplicates detection and e-mail threading.


  • FreeDiscovery Core is a Python package that extends scikit-learn with additional information retrieval functionality.


FreeDiscovery is released under the 3-clause BSD licence.

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