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Freemius Single-Sign On 🔐 WordPress Plugin

Easily allow users logging into your WordPress store with their Freemius credentials. If a user logs in with their Freemius credentials and there was no matching user in WordPress, a new user with the same email address and password will be created in WordPress.

When embedding the User Dashboard using our User Dashboard WordPress plugin, a logged-in user will be automatically logged into their Freemius User Dashboard without the need to manually log in.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Open the main plugin's file freemius-wordpress-sso.php, scroll to the bottom, and replace <STORE_ID>, <DEVELOPER_ID>, and <DEVELOPER_SECRET_KEY> with your details. You can get your developer ID and secret key in the My Profile page, and your store ID in the My Store page. Both pages are accessible from the top-right menu.
  3. Upload and activate the plugin.
  4. Done! Users will be able to login with their Freemius credentials.