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Godot_FireBase is a firebase integration for godot android;

Platform GodotEngine LICENCE PATREON

Depends on

Godot game engine: git clone

GodotSQL: git clone

Available Features



Authentication [W.I.P] Google, Facebook, Twitter

Firebase Notification



Invites (Email & SMS)

Firestore (W.I.P)

Build/Compile module

  • Copy your google-services.json file to [GODOT-ROOT]/platform/android/java/
  • Edit file modules/FireBase/ at line 11
p_app_id = "com.your.appid"     # L:11
  • Replay com.your.appid with you android application id.

For customizing the module go here


Should I rename the android_src folder after customization?

No, After customization the folder used by the module will be android, And android_src folder will be a backup for future customization.

Initialize FireBase

Edit engine.cfg and add


RemoteConfigs default parameters .xml file is at [GODOT-ROOT]/modules/FireBase/res/xml/remote_config_defaults.xml

GDScript - getting module singleton and initializing;

On 2.X

var firebase = Globals.get_singleton("FireBase");

On 3.X (latest from git)

var firebase = Engine.get_singleton("FireBase");

For Analytics only firebase.init("", get_instance_ID()) or to user RemoteConfig or Notifications (subscribing to topic)

GodotFireBase: copy godot-firebase-config.json to your projects root directord.

GodotFireBase config file, By default every feature is disabled.

	"AdMob" : true,
	"Authentication" : true,
	"Invites" : true,
	"RemoteConfig" : true,
	"Notification" : true,
	"Storage" : true,
	"Firestore" : true,

	"AuthConf" : 
		"Google" : true,
		"Twitter" : true,
		"Facebook" : true,
		"FacebookAppId" : "1234566789875"

	"Ads" : 
		"AppId": "YOUR_APP_ID_HERE",
		"BannerAd" : true,
		"BannerGravity" : "BOTTOM",
		"BannerAdId" : "",

		"InterstitialAd" : true,
		"InterstitialAdId" : "",

		"RewardedVideoAd" : true,
		"RewardedVideoAdId" : "",

        "TestAds" : false

And initialize firebase with file path, RewardedVideoAdId is a string array i.e "string1,string2"

func _ready():
    if OS.get_name() == "Android":
        firebase.initWithFile("res://godot-firebase-config.json", get_instance_ID())

func _receive_message(tag, from, key, data):
    if tag == "FireBase":
        print("From: ", from, " Key: ", key, " Data: ", data)

Using FireBase Analytics

firebase.send_events("EventName", Dictionary)
firebase.send_custom("TestKey", "SomeValue")

firebase.sendAchievement("someAchievementId")		# unlock achievement
firebase.join_group("clan_name")			# join clan/group
firebase.level_up("character_name", level)		# send character level
firebase.post_score("charcter name", level, score)	# post your score
firebase.earn_currency("currency", amount);		# when play earn some virtual currency gold/Diamond/any
firebase.spend_currency("item_id", "currency", amount)	# when user spend virtual currency

firebase.tutorial_begin()				# tutorial begin
firebase.tutorial_complete()				# tutorial end


AlertDialog aditional

firebase.alert("Message goes here..!") # Show a simple AlertDialog
firebase.set_debug(true) # Enable/Disable `GodotFireBase` debug messages


For Facebook edit res/values/ids.xml and replace facebook_app_id with your Facebook App Id

firebase.authConfig("'Google':true,'Facebook':true") # Configure Auth service

firebase.google_sign_in() # Firebase connect to google.
firebase.facebook_sign_in() # Firebase connect to facebook.
firebase.twitter_sign_in() # Firebase connect to twitter.
firebase.anonymous_sign_in() # Firebase connect anonymously.

firebase.google_sign_out() # Firebase disconnect from google.
firebase.facebook_sign_out() # Firebase disconnect from facebook.
firebase.twitter_sign_out() # Firebase disconnect from twitter.
firebase.anonymous_sign_out() # Firebase disconnect anonymously.

var gUserDetails = firebase.get_google_user() # returns name, email_id, photo_uri
var fbUserDetails = firebase.get_facebook_user() # returns name, email_id, photo_uri


firebase.is_google_connected() # bool check for google authentication (google)
firebase.is_facebook_connected() # bool check for facebook authentication (facebook)
firebase.is_anonymous_connected() # bool check for facebook authentication (anonymous)

More for facebook permissions

firebase.facebook_has_permission("publish_actions") # Check for availabe permission

firebase.revoke_facebook_permission("publish_actions") # revoke permission

firebase.ask_facebook_publish_permission("publish_actions"); # asking write permission

firebase.ask_facebook_read_permission("email"); # asking read only permission

firbase.get_facebook_permissions() # getting available permissions

Recive message from java

func _receive_message(tag, from, key, data):
    if tag == "FireBase":
        if from == "Auth":
            if key == "GoogleLogin" && data == "true": print("User Signed in.")
            if key == "FacebookLogin" && data == "true": print("User Signed in.")

Firebase Notification API

firebase.subscribeToTopic("topic") # Subscribe to particular topic.
firebase.getToken() # Get current client TokenID

If recived notifiction has a payload, it will be saved inside SQL Database under key: "firebase_notification_data"

firebase.notifyInMins("message", 60) # Shedule notification in 60 min
firebase.notifyInSecs("message", 3200) # Shedule notification in 3200 seconds

var dict = {}
dict["title"] = "Notification title"
dict["message"] = "This is a text message"
dict["image_uri"] = "res://big_image_in_notification_body.png"
dict["type"] = "text"

firebase.notifyOnComplete(dict, 3200) # Shedule notification in 3200 seconds

RemoteConfig API

firebase.getRemoteValue("remote_key") # Return String value

Settings RemoteConfig default values

var defs = Dictionary()
defs["some_remoteconfig_key1"] = "remote_config_value1"
defs["some_remoteconfig_key2"] = "remote_config_value2"


OR load from json file


Firebase Storage

# Upload Files from sdcard
firebase.upload("images/file", "destFolder") # uploads file from sdcard to firebase

# Download Files from Firebase"file", "images") # Saves file from firebase to sdcard

Firebase Invites

Invite Friends with Email & SMS, DeepLink example:[package-id].

firebase.invite("message", "") # Send Firebase Invites.
firebase.invite("message", "")  # Fallback to use default android share eg: Whatsapp, Twitter and more.

Firebase AdMob

firebase.is_banner_loaded()     # Returns `true` if banner is loaded
firebase.is_interstitial_loaded() # Returns `true` if interstitial is loaded

firebase.show_banner_ad(true)	# Show Banner Ad
firebase.show_banner_ad(false)	# Hide Banner Ad
firebase.set_banner_unitid("unit_id") # Change current Ad unit ID

firebase.show_interstitial_ad() # Show Interstitial Ad
firebase.show_rewarded_video()	# Show Rewarded Video Ad
firebase.show_rvideo("unit_id") # Show Rewarded Video Ad

firebase.request_rewarded_video_status() # Request the rewarded video status

AdMob Recive message from java

func _receive_message(tag, from, key, data):
    if tag == "FireBase" and from == "AdMob":
        if key == "AdMobReward":
            # when rewared video play complete
            print("json data with [RewardType & RewardAmount]: ", data);

        elif key == "AdMob_Video":
            # when rewarded video loaded
            # data will be `loaded` or `load_failed and `loaded` or `not_loaded` with `firebase.request_rewarded_video_status()`
            print("AdMob rewarded video status is ", data);

        elif key == "AdMob_Banner":
            # when banner loaded
            # data will be `loaded` or `load_failed`
            print("Banner Status: ", data);

        elif key == "AdMob_Interstitial" and data == "loaded":
            # when Interstitial loaded
            # data will be `loaded` or `load_failed`
            print("Interstitial Status: ", data);

Firebase Firestore

firebase.add_document("collection_name", dict) # Auto created new Document under collection_name
firebase.set_document("collection_name", "document_name", data) # Set document data, Data's are merged by default
firebase.load_document("collection_name") # load or retrive from the server,

# Note: documents will be sent to the `_receive_message` function as json


While exporting, don't forget to add *.json under Resources tab, alt text

Log Event

adb -d logcat godot:V FireBase:V DEBUG:V AndroidRuntime:V ValidateServiceOp:V *:S