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Dune 2 - The Maker

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This project aims to deliver a complex Real Time Simulation Strategy Game. If you want to get a feel of where this project will be going, check out the wiki pages.

Getting started

This project is set up using slick2d-maven.

You need git and maven installed. Also you need to have java version 1.8.

Using jenv? Then you would not need to do anything particular. A .java-version is provided.

Running the game

  • git clone this project
  • run mvn clean package
  • in the target/d2tm-<version>-SNAPSHOT-release run (or game.bat depending on your OS)

Running with test coverage report

This project uses jacoco to generate test coverage reports, which are also reported to coveralls.

If you want to generate a local report, just run:

mvn clean test jacoco:report

Then to view the test report, just open target/site/jacoco/index.html


For every feature or improvement a small tech demo is created and posted at youtube. These demos are grouped by milestone:


Import the project using your favorite IDE.

You can run or debug the project by executing the Game class.

Linking to native binaries

If you run into a java.lang.UnsatifsiedLinkError, you need to add the following VM Arguments to your run configuration: -Djava.library.path=target/natives

Contributing / Helping out

Not sure how you can help? There are tons of ways:

Spread the word

The more people know about this project, the more people can help out and send feedback. I'd love to hear feedback about the game. That could be technical feedback, or about game mechanics, game ideas, etc.

Code changes

Want to help out coding? Great! By looking at the milestones you get a general idea about priority, or you can just fix a bug from the buglist. Whatever floats your boat.

Fork this project, create Pull Request and submit it.

Found a bug?

Make sure it is not listed here. If not, feel free to create one.