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Dune 2 The Maker in Java
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Dune 2 - The Maker Build Status

This project aims to deliver a complex Real Time Simulation Role Playing Strategy Game. If you want to get a feel of where this project will be going, check out the wiki pages.

Getting started

This project is set up using slick2d-maven.

You need git and maven installed. Also you need to have java version 1.7.

Running the game

  • git clone this project
  • run mvn clean package
  • in the target/d2tm-<version>-SNAPSHOT-release run (or game.bat depending on your OS)


For every feature or improvement a small tech demo is created and posted at youtube. These demos are grouped by milestone:


Import the project using your favorite IDE.

If you want to run or debug the project (you need to execute Game), then you probably run into a java.lang.UnsatifsiedLinkError.

To fix that you need to add the following VM Arguments to your run configuration: -Djava.library.path=target/natives


Fork and create a pull request. Please mention issue nr if applicable.

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