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A central repository for all proto files of PokémonGO.
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POGOProtos Build Status Maintainability Test Coverage Donate

alt text The contents of this repo are a proof of concept and are for educational use onlyalt text

This repository contains the ProtoBuf .proto files needed to decode the PokémonGo RPC.

Implemented messages types


We are following semantic versioning for POGOProtos. Every version will be mapped to their current PokémonGo version.

Version API Notes Extra
2.44.0 0.145.0 Compatible Protocol Buffers v3.8.0


If you want to figure out the current version in an automated system, use this file.


Note: This file will contain pre-release versions too.


Current recommended protoc version: "Protocol Buffers v3.8.0".

You can find download links here.


Be sure to add protoc to your environmental path.


Ensure that you have the newest version of protoc installed.


Use homebrew to install protobuf with brew install --devel protobuf.


NOTE: is outed!

The compilation creates output specifically for the target language, i.e. respecting naming conventions, etc.
This is an example of how the generated code will be organized:

python php:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.php
python cpp:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.pb.cpp
python csharp:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.g.cs
python objc:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.pbobjc.m
python python:
 - POGOProtos/Data/*.proto -> pogoprotos/data/
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> pogoprotos/data/
python ruby:
 - POGOProtos/Data/*.proto -> pogoprotos/data.rb
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> pogoprotos/data/player_data.rb

alt text //TODO: help repo// alt text

python go:
- POGOProtos/Data/*.proto ->
- POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto ->
python java:
 - POGOProtos/Data/*.proto -> com/github/aeonlucid/pogoprotos/
python js:
- POGOProtos/**/*.proto -> pogoprotos.js
python rust:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/
python swift:
 - POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.proto -> POGOProtos/Data/PlayerData.pb.swift

Extra information


If you don't want to compile POGOProtos but instead use it directly, check out the following repository.

Language Source Status
NodeJS (pure JS) npm version
.NET (nuget pack) NuGet
Swift OK
Python OK
Java OK
Additional resources Source Status
Gamemaster Json OK


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