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  1. A large library of free and open-source shaders for the Godot game engine. Here, you'll get 2D and 3D shaders with playable demos.

    GLSL 1.3k 89

  2. A simulation game demo made in Godot and inspired by Factorio.

    GDScript 244 16

  3. Procedural generation algorithms and demos for the Godot game engine

    GDScript 630 29

  4. A 2D Japanese RPG Active Time Battle demo for the Godot game engine

    GDScript 129 7

  5. An Open Source 3d character and character controller for the Godot game engine

    C# 553 52

  6. A 2D space exploration and mining game made with Godot and our AI framework

    GDScript 541 64



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