@doronofek doronofek released this Aug 8, 2016 · 3 commits to 2.2 since this release

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For details of this release see this GPUOpen blog post.

This release contains 2 installers for Windows:

  • CodeXL_Win_2.2.733.exe - this is the regular release. Frame Analysis mode uses open-source code to attach to DX12 and Vulkan apps for capturing graphics frames.
  • CodeXL_Win_2.2.733_Detours.exe - this is a special build that uses Microsoft Detours for capturing frames from DX12 and Vulkan graphics apps. We normally use the mhooks library to inject into the application being analyzed. This open source library works well for most applications. However, for some scenarios – particularly for applications that have multiple process hops between 32 and 64 bit binaries, we have found that the Detours library is more robust. Note: In order to build the detours version from source, a separate license for Microsoft Detours must be obtained from Microsoft. This code is not included as part of the open source release.