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Modern C++14 library for the development of real-time graphical applications
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bs::framework is a C++ library that aims to provide a unified foundation for the development of real-time graphical applications, whether games, engines or tools.


  • Built from the ground up in modern C++14 with a clean user-facing API
  • Lightweight implementations without the crud often found in older, larger solutions
  • Clean, highly modular architecture that can be easily understood, modified and built upon
  • Cross-platform, highly optimized, multi-threaded core capable of running very demanding projects
  • Focus on modern technologies and high-fidelity graphics
  • Fully documented codebase with an extensive API reference

Current feature-set includes a wide range of high level systems, ranging from math and utility libraries, to a physically based renderer backed by Vulkan, DirectX or OpenGL, all the way to input, GUI, physics, audio, animation and scripting systems, with asset support for most popular resource formats.


  • Features - A detailed list of all currently available features.
  • Roadmap - A list of features to be implemented in both near and far future.

Get started

  • Documentation - Head over to the "User manuals" section to learn how to use the framework from the ground up. Use the API reference to look up what a particular class/method does.
  • Examples - Grab a set of working examples and start tinkering and analyzing them to figure out how things work. They are well documented and can be used for quickly learning the framework.
  • Compiling - Learn how to compile the framework from the source code.


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