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pytun is a Python module to manage tun/tap IP tunnel in the same way you would manipulate a file handler.

For now, it is only compatible with Linux, probably Unix, maybe MacOsX, and in the future Windows.

pytun is under the MIT license.

How to use

First of all, clone this repos or use easy_install or pip.

pip install pytun
easy_install pytun

Quite easy. Use the open() function.

import pytun

tun =  # Open a TUN mode tunnel

For a TAP tunnel, add the "tap" argument.

tun ="tap")

tun is the handler for the newly created tunnel and is manipulated like a file.

To read/write, use the standard methods recv([size = 1500]) and send(buf)

buf = tun.recv()

tun is also select() compatible to make your network reactor asynchronous.

import select

fds =[tun, ...], [...], [...])

Finally, you can close the tunnel using the method close().


The tunnel automatically closes when the object is not referenced anymore and the garbage collector destroys the handler.