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Geeklog Forum Plugin

  • Current Maintainers: Geeklog Community Members
  • Original Author: Blaine Lang
  • Latest Release Supports: Geeklog v2.2.2 or higher, PHP 8.1 and MySQL 4.1 or higher


This plugin provides a full featured discussion forum with integrated Geeklog features for your community website. The initial version of this plugin was released in 2002.

Main Features

  • Integrated Geeklog group security to create restricted forums
  • Support for Read-only Forums
  • Support for RSS Feeds - now with enhanced formatting and rich content
  • Advanced Moderation features like splitting topics, moving, making sticky
  • Integrated BBcode supports using text mode and bbcode tags to format content
  • Able to now safely just use text mode for posting and still use bbocode and advanced formatting features
  • Enhanced Code Formatting using the Geshi library
  • Automatic notification support for complete forums or topics. Able subscribe to a forum but then selectively un-subscribe to topics
  • Member listing page - able to view all members or just those with forum activity
  • Centerblock for site frontpage or sideblock for users to monitor new posts
  • Support for autotags in topic content and can reference other forum topics using an autotag [forum: topicid]
  • Integrated SPAMX and content filtering
  • Integrated support for Captcha 2.0 and reCAPTCHA 1.0 and higher versions
  • Integration with glMessenger for member private messaging and online smilie admin
  • Easy online administration and member control
  • In a forum topic, 1 or more Geeklog Blocks can be displayed every X number of forum posts
  • Can assign Forum Categories and Forum Topics to Geeklog Topics to help control the Block layout
  • Supports Geeklog built in Likes System
  • Supports MySql 5

Other Information

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Forum Plugin Homepage:

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To request a feature or report an issue see: