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Travis job to deploy a Reddit theme in Sass via pushes to a GitHub repo.
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Reddit Stylesheet Sync Build Status

A script used with Travis CI to link a subreddit's stylesheet with a Sass repository. As used on /r/anime.

To use

  • Have a Reddit API application of type "script" (There are tutorials on this elsewhere, but I'm too lazy to link them)
  • Add your repo to Travis CI
  • Copy .travis.yml and the .update directory into the root of your repo
  • From your repo's settings in Travis, add REDDIT_CLIENT_ID, REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET, REDDIT_USERNAME, and REDDIT_PASSWORD as environment variables with the relevant information (make sure you set up REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET and REDDIT_PASSWORD as secure variables so they don't show up in your logs)
  • Edit main.scss, commit your code, and push to GitHub
  • Wait for the Travis build to finish and check out your sub!

Advanced configuration

Linking multiple subreddits

The update script can take a subreddit name as an argument, which means that you can set up your .travis.yml deployments to work with multiple subreddits. For example, you could link one branch of your repository to your main sub and another to a private staging sub, you could use the following .travis.yml deploy config:

- provider: script
  script: python .update/ mainSubreddit
  skip_cleanup: true
    branch: master
- provider: script
  script: python .update/ stagingSubreddit
  skip_cleanup: true
    branch: staging

If arguments are passed to the script in this manner, the REDDIT_SUBREDDIT environment variable will be ignored.

Skipping minification

By default the script minified the compiled output before sending it to your subreddit. However, if you'd like to maintain whitespace in your compiled CSS, you can add a REDDIT_SKIP_MINIFY environment variable to your Travis configuration and set it to anything other than 0 or false.

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