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bittorrent-tracker-editor will add/remove bittorrent tracker from the torrent file(s). This software works on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux.

Software latest release:

GitHub Latest release GitHub commits since latest release (by SemVer including pre-releases)

Build Status:

Continuous integration Status Generate an executable file for the operating system Download link
GitHub Actions GitHub Workflow Status (with event) Linux(amd64), macOS(Intel processors) and Windows GitHub Latest release
GitHub Actions (Ubuntu snap) GitHub Workflow Status (with event) Linux (amd64 and arm64) Get it from the Snap Store
Flathub build server Linux (amd64 and arm64) Download on Flathub


There is no backup function in this software. Use it at your own risk. Bittorrent works fine without this program. You probably don't need this software.

Which program to use for add/remove bittorrent trackers?

  • Edit one torrent file: You can use
  • Edit multiple torrent files: Use this program. It is made for changing multiple torrent files.


  • Select one torrent file or a folder with torrent files.
  • Add one or more trackers at the same time.
  • Remove one or more trackers at the same time.
  • Remove all the trackers to create trackerless torrent. DHT torrent
  • Change public/private flag. Warning: This will change the torrent info HASH.
  • Preset add/remove tracker via add_trackers.txt and remove_trackers.txt files when present in the same folder as the executable file. (For linux snap version use: home/snap/bittorrent-tracker-editor/common/ )
  • Optional start as console program. (See readme.txt inside download)
  • Show torrent files content.
  • Download stable trackers from newTrackon or ngosang.


Software history:


  • ADD: Support for OpenSSL 3
  • FIX: Handle dark theme on MacOS. (Issue 49)
  • ADD: Direct download support for ngosang via menu.
  • ADD: Extra tabpage 'private torrent'. For issue 31 and 34
  • ADD: Check box 'Skip Announce Check in the URL' (Issue 31)
  • ADD: Command parameter '-SAC' -> 'Skip Announce Check' in the URL (Issue 31)
  • ADD: Support 'Info Source' tag for private trackers (Issue 34)
  • ADD: Command parameter '-SOURCE' -> info Source tag for private trackers. See readme.txt file (Issue 34)
  • FiX: support for '/announce.php'(Issue 27)
  • FIX: There was an issue with uploading tracker list to newTrackon.
  • FIX: WebTorrent do not have '/announce' (Issue 24)
  • ADD: Wrong tracker URL format from torrent files should be unselected by default (Issue 22)
  • ADD: Upload trackers to newTrackon (Issue 23)
  • ADD: Verify the working status of public trackers. (Data from newTrackon) (Issue 21)


  • ADD: Add more options for updating the torrent tracker list. (Issue 8)
  • ADD: Add trackers but keep the original unique trackers list intact. (Issue 12)
  • ADD: Randomize tracker order for each torrent file. (Issue 19)
  • FIX: Trackers with https (Issue 9)
  • FIX: Read torrent file with string size larger that 1MB (Issue 10)
  • FIX: Give user a warning when torrent file is read only file. (Issue 14)
  • FIX: Give user a warning when torrent file update failed. (Issue 15)
  • FIX: Can not be opened by dragging a file. (Issue 17)
  • FIX: Need sanitize URL tracker. (Issue 18)
  • FIX: WebSocket ws:// and wss:// should be accepted as input. (Issue 20)


  • ADD: Edit comment in data/info grid column.
  • FIX: The data/info column can be moved but it is not updated correctly when torrent is reloaded. (Issue 6)


  • ADD: Tab page Files/trackers/info
  • ADD: Optional start as console program. (See readme.txt inside download)
  • ADD: remove_trackers.txt will remove specific trackers from torrent.
  • ADD: export_trackers.txt is created after updating the torrent.
  • ADD: drag and drop of trackers file (with '.txt' file extension)
  • FIX: Can not remove duplicate Tracker automatically (Issue 4)
  • FIX: Can't open some of .torrent files. (Issue 5)


  • FIX: Support for Unicode in filename. (Chinese etc.)


  • ADD: Tab page torrent info/data.
  • ADD: Drag & Drop torrent files or a folder with torrent files inside.


  • ADD: Tab page for public/private flag. (Issue 1)
  • ADD: Load tracker list from file via menu or at start-up, when file add_trackers.txt is present in the same folder as the executable file.


  • First release

This screen shot show the program, after a folder is selected with torrent files inside. The normal procedure is to deselect the trackers that are no longer working. Optionally add your own trackers. And select the 'Update torrent' menu.


bittorrent-tracker-editor is released under MIT License

This program is developed using Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal compiler.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (